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I Found My New Parking Space!

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I found my new home! I went out with Crystal from Budgetingthefunstuff and hunted for my RV park. I have been stressing about where I am going to park my trailer and actually live. I have been living in nice apartments … Continue reading

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About My Grandmother

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I have been trying to go to bed earlier these days and to get 7-9 hours in bed asleep. I have noticed this has helped my workouts, my weight loss, the quickness in which I am processing things and my … Continue reading

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I disappeared, sorry.

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You know when you wake up and you just want to get the hell out? Not like check out of life but need a break from everything right then and there? That happened to me Wends. I wanted so much … Continue reading

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Scrub in wash week

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Good day all! Monday of this week is Columbus Day and in my school district that means I get the day off. This comes as we prepare to celebrate our Hispanic heritage month. I mainly mention it as an excuse … Continue reading

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