Tiny kitchen is tiny.. But functioning.

I cooked all breakfast and lunches for the week for the first time in ages. I have been going back up in weight and am unhappy with the results that is having on my body so I am adjusting my food habits again. It took a bit longer than normal to cook in the trailer today, partially due to a struggle with ants that I am having but all told I took 4 hours to do all of my cooking. This is a bit larger than my target but as I streamline my cooking again I will be able to get that down to about 2.

You can see that something’s were a bit creatively placed but this for the most part worked. That is ten meals in total. (5 for myself and 5 for my guy).

Breakfast include grapes, apple, white chedder, a boiled egg and a sweet protein bar thingie. It is around ten weight watchers points total.

Lunches are a meat, banana, veggie and a rather large salad to fill in any hunger gaps that may occur.

My plan for at home dinners is salad or lightly breaded chicken chunks because that is what currently lives in my fridge.

I sure do miss having a large oven. A dedicated spice rack would be nice too.

That being said, all of this could happen and did work out with the much smaller space. Smoothies had to be sacrificed though because there was not enough room for the extra veggies we would need. (I may have a fix for that with some rearranging).

What does your fridge look like?

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Trailer living is the dream, kind of..

To be honest, I love living in my trailer. There have been a few hitches but let me tell you when I was sold on this lifestyle.

It was the first week back for my students and I was always in a rush.. I was moving out of my apartment and making lessons and adjusting student plans and a million other things. The trailer was full and the cats were crying constantly while they figured out this was their new home. I didn’t
Pick up. For a week. The trailer was trashed. ..

I had dishes upon dishes from my fellows lunch kits and had used spoons and pots to the max. Clothing littered the couch and stuff was everywhere. It was truly a mess. In only took one hour to have the trailer look lot ready again. Things were washed and put away, trash was removed, cat boxes scooped, clothing hung, floors swept, floors mopped and cabinets wiped down. It was amazing. I know that the key to this is mostly having a place for everything but until I lived here in the trailer, that assigned spot for thing never occurred.

As for the kind of.. Well, we are having some maintenance issues. I hope to catch you up on those as I slowly resolve them.

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I get by with a little help from my friends

Good day all! I am still wrapping up the whole clearing out the apartment bit. I should be done by Friday, just time to get my students the following Monday. There has been a hectic non-focused scramble to get the remaining things from my apartment to storage or to the dumpster these last few days.

When I started to really struggle with my lack of focus, I had Ms. BFS come over and help out. To be more accurate, I mentioned how stressed I was and she offered to spend time helping me. When our other friend Mandy also heard I was feeling stressed, she actually joined Ms. BFS and they spent an evening with me sorting, piling and packing. They really made this move a much much more pleasant experience.

On Saturday, I threw a small giving to move out party and let people take anything they wanted that I still had laying around. There were a few items I set aside for my artsy neighbor that I am going to drop off to her husband that were off limits and a few things I was still figuring out that I later just put by the dumpster but for the most part, I cleared out so much of my house that evening that I have a great foot hold for the next three days.

It really makes me think about how wonderful my friend group is. They have been there for me when I was down and moody for no reason. They have been there through my past break up for both me and the guy I was seeing at the time. (He’s a wonderful man but not for me) they have helped me find my feet and feel at home in Houston and have really helped an supported me through this move.

I hope everyone has friends that carry them through hard times and that they can help carry as well.

To my Houston ladies, you rock. (Their significant others do too)

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Kitty walk system

Here is the kitty walk system I am using but when it’s set up at the apartment.

Hearing my own voice on the video is creepy..

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First day living in my trailer

I moved in my trailer on Tuesday night. I loaded everything I thought I may want and prepped and loaded kitten stuff. Kittens in carrier, I left to move into my new lifestyle.

I love my trailer space. It feels like a calm place I can focus and think in. I feel little to no stress about the ability to keep things clean and have been running the ac so I haven’t even felt warm in the hot hot Houston days. That being said, my kittens are unhappy. They are not accustomed to smaller spaces, wood floors or not being able to go outside.

The first night my little black cat made sure to crawl under the couch and give me a scare. I was blocking the area because if anything happens back there then I can’t help her. My other cat crawled behind the cab it’s via a small gap in the bottom of the kitchen area. After much coaxing, both cats were out but only wanted to dive back into their hiding spots. I blocked off all entrances and settled down for bed hoping that they would eventually stop crying. Silly me. Tuesday night I swear that I didn’t get to sleep for more than an hour at once. Wednesday morning went very well. I tiredly stumbled around and managed to leave my trailer looking more than presentable and with a smoothie in hand. With very little sleep, I still managed to function semi well through the day. When I got back to the trailer, I opened the door and the cats seemed more comfortable. This time I got to sleep about 4.5 hours before Suzette (my little black and white one) began her high pitch crying.

I began my morning fishing Cassidy(the tan one) out of behind the couch and making coffee and smoothies. I actually did myself the favor of setting up the French press with grounds the night before so this morning so far is going smoothly. I turned off the ac because I wanted some quiet time with kittens before work. I have been rewarded with much less kitten crying.

Tonight, I will swing by my apartment (mine till the 22nd) and pick up the outdoor kitten walk paths and a container to keep them in. My cats are used to getting to see outside and play in a small tower so getting those things here maybe part of the key to keeping my cats nice and happy..so that we all can sleep at night.

Wish me luck!

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I spent quite a long time on my trailer getting things squared away today. I am worn out. Worn beyond worn but I am much more excited about living in the trailer now that I can actually visualize it. So, here is my trailer after pictures.

A car full of stuff for the trailer!

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in nicely…


My make up

My bathroom didn’t change much. I tried to mount this cute makeup holder but the velcro wouldn’t stay connected to the wall. Until further notice, this is the make ups home.Reading nook 2This is my reading nook areaIMG_1257IMG_1258

I put up some art and cute stuff that I like the the couch area. This is going to be my reading nook so I wanted it to feel homey.

enough dishes and cups for 8Tea and fruit space.

Pots and pans ectTiny kitchensinks and a little bit of artFridge

This is my kitchen. It holds all the stuff that I remembered to pack. I forgot my blender but there is a small space for that in the cabinets. I put all my pyrex up in the fridge because that’s where it belongs. I figure that I will fill them with food as I need it and if I happen to have saved to many then I will add them to storage later. Also, there is not very much space for canned goods but.. I don’t use canned goods much so I am hoping that will work.

IMG_1261       There's a necklace hanger that I am using as a bra holder on the side   The baskets are for underwear and slips ect

This is my closet. I am going from a walk in closet to this.. I only hung my school clothing and a few other pieces of clothing that I was to look nice when I am socializing. I have no dresses in there. I am not in shape to wear the dresses I like at the moment so I’m not bothering putting them in the trailer. On top of the closet you can see two striped grey and white containers, those will hold my laundry. One will be for hot water washes and one for cold. I imagine the cold water wash will fill up much much faster. The baskets in the bottom of my closet are for my underwear and for my slips ect. My bras hang on a necklace thingie I bought from the container store. I actually like the way all of that played out.

Stuff like extra bedding

This is my over the bed storage. It has extra bedding and bags in it at the moment but I don’t think those will stay. (I have tons of space down below and that high space could be better used for the social clothing and towels that I have as of yet to put in the trailer. (Laundering right now)

Overall, I am much much happier with the space now. I will have to keep a few plastic totes under the trailer so that when I tow the trailer, I can pack up items that will rattle around.

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Still Fighting the Wants vs Needs Issue

I’m working on moving into the trailer at this point. I am at my parents house watching a sweet sweet dog and moving items into the trailer. I am trying to make any smelly, messy, tool needing changes while I am here. I ran the water and learned how to dump the tanks here. When I hit the road, I will even be bleaching the tanks to sanitize them. Youtube is such a huge help. So are forums but when I hope on the forums, I get lost in all the cool articles other people are posting. In doing this, I have found a few things on my trailer that need a bit more attention.

A list of what I am tackling

  • Wash trailer
  • Grease all moving parts with grease or proper lube
  • Check sewer hose
  • Figure out sever hook up
  • clean all sinks/toilet/ shower 
  • order foot for back corner of trailer (stabilizing base)
  • order foot (with wheel?) for tow hitch part of trailer
  • Figure out what I want to do about wallpaper in trailer.. 
  • order speakers for outside of trailer
  • remove decals off trailer
  • decide and order new decals
  • wash all linens
  • load all linens
  • rewash entire kitchen that is coming with
  • Load kitchen
  • figure out storage compartment issues
  • load “fun stuff”
  • Wash all clothing
  • Hang and load

Not everything came down in my first trip though. My lil geo just wasn’t big enough to carry many of my items down. I am traveling back up later to pick up the rest and will have it all ready by Sunday.

The real problem I am still having though is clothing. I don’t like clothing that much but I know I need at least two sets of clothing. I have to wear my school clothing primarily for school because I am rather hard on clothing and I want them to last. I them must also keep my social/ just hanging about wardrobe separate but it still must fit. I would like to have two weeks worth of social clothing/hanging out clothing but I am beginning to think that if I don’t want to stuff the trailer (which I am trying to avoid), then I need to whittle down my clothing a bit. Grrr.. I had it smaller but then I cleaned the rest of the house and clothing that was sitting around or newly discovered got added to the boxes. Bad move.

On top of that, I had the delusion that I was going to keep all my bras… or maybe I just didn’t actually realize how many I still had? I don’t really know what I was thinking but all washed and dried I have 19 bras and 3 sports bras. I will keep all the sports bras but I only planned space in my trailer for ten bras. I will be having a bra trying on later where I check the feel and all. If they are nice but a bit to small then they can go in the small box otherwise some of my ladies are gonna have to hit the trash. I also and going to be packing away some of my shapers. Many were bought when I was a bit lighter and wearing them currently is not doing them or me any favors. Next paycheck I will spend the money and buy two very nice shapers for school that can accommodate my current size so that my smaller shapers stay nice.

For now, I am playing with different ways to load/organize clothing in a way that makes sense and is easy to use. Easy is key. I also have to give up on trailer decals for now. Those are just so expensive and I would prefer to get something cute/interesting so it’s going to be a bit before I spend that money.

When it’s all put together I’ll share some pictures! I’ve been told those are more fun to see anywho. Also, I won’t do the slideshow again. Holy moly that takes a bit to load.


Keep aiming towards your dreams!

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Camping pictures (hastily taken)

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Trailer Trial Run

So in all this prep to move into the trailer, I have let this blog slide. The update on my progress is simply that I am working through my stuff in the apartment and that I took my trailer out this weekend stocked with most of the items that would be placed in it.

My guy and I went to visit Lake Livingston state park. More on the park soon (with pictures).

We were supposed to leave around 4 pm but didn’t actually head out till after 7 pm. So many errand that we hadn’t done and had to finish before going anywhere.

So a bit after 9 we rolled into the campgrounds and proceeded trying to back the trailer up.  Holy Moly that is hard. After 30 very testing mins a neighbor came over to help and put the trailer in it’s spot. How embarrassing. Then we proceeded to put out the slide and figure out how to turn on the air, fridge and off the outside lights.

Unpacking left many things to be desired. First, packing could have been done a bit better. I need to figure that out.

It only took 15-20 mins to cool down the trailer. It took much much longer for the fridge to chill. (overnight and then some) Once all was set up we went to bed. I have problems sleeping in new spaces and even with the wonderful new mattress. (It was indeed wonderful).  The next morning, a bit to early since we went to sleep late, there was a knock on the door. The park ranger informed us that there needed to be a trek to the front so we could finish registering our camp site. We agreed and said we would shortly and went back to dozing… then not 5 mins later another series of knocks. There was a low hanging dead branch that another ranger wanted to pull down to protect the trailer. We got up, moved the trailer a bit, let them pull down the branch, put the trailer back and began the hike down to the ranger station to check in .

After a nice morning hike I went to go start breakfast and couldn’t get the stove to light. The clicker/lighter mechanism is not working. With only a smoothie and sadly empty stomachs we ventured into town to the cutest country store. We bought all the things I forgot and went to lunch since we were starving and near food places. Bodacious BBQ is a very nice little BBQ shop that we were well fed at.

After that, we went back and tried to figure out the awning. What a mess. I will never be able to do that one my own. You have to click some hooks back and then pull on a lever and slide some stuff then reach high up to bring the awning down. I am just a bit short for reaching the awning when it is rolled.

The only other issue we had was trying to roll up the awning. The spring is so hard to pull down on that I couldn’t get the awning up. I am going to try some lubricant to see if that helps.

For use, I loved using the trailer. I enjoyed the space and felt compelled to put up things if they were at all out of sorts. I cooked many meals and didn’t feel overly crowded. I can see living there as long as I am living by myself.

After this very present trip, I am now only worried about getting the cats comfortable in the trailer and making sure I have my apartment all moved and ready.  On that note, I am off to take care of chores and pack more stuff.

Remember to ask yourself what makes you happy in life.

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