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Today’s lunch

This is a normal lunch/snack pack of food that I create daily. Inside I put: A small salad An apple 2 snack baggies of tiny carrots A banana 2 eggs, boiled or baked A small Baggie of nuts Coffee, sometimes … Continue reading

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That Shit is Gross

So… Aspartame.. It’s E.coli poop. For real.. I looked it up.. and then kept looking.. and kept looking. I was hoping I was wrong and that this was just internet crazy talk. Eventlly I found the patent. Genetically modified E. … Continue reading

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Sometimes I miss being fat.

Good day all! So.. weightloss.. body image.. all of that is touchy touchy these days I know… And I want people to be happy with themselves. I’d also appreciate if that meant they could be healthy too. I’m not going … Continue reading

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