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Bang! Car Crash and Whiplash

Well, I went to Maine with my mother. We had a grand time. I will write so much more than that when it isn’t midnight. Why am I up at midnight, the reader wonders. I am up at midnight because … Continue reading

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The Monday Count and Trailer Shopping

This week I must first start with the Monday count. At my school, when teachers get frustrated, we start a Monday count. This is the countdown of how many Mondays we have till our next vacation/break. In the past, there … Continue reading

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A Great Day

Wow.. I had a long but great day. All 12 working hours of it. My spec ed team is doing their best to work with each other to keep our door puller in the classroom. I was so surprised at … Continue reading

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Cool Brains

As a teacher, 8 have the benefit of going to some pretty cool brain development lectures. Most of them are geared on how students learn and what we can do to help them learn better. Friday, I went to one … Continue reading

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Losing Stuff, Raffle Style

Hello all! I just found one of the most fun ways to lose stuff! I have been working on trying different rewards systems for students in my classes. Since in public schools, we don’t effectively punish, we have to find … Continue reading

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