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How embarrassing… a house full of condiments and no food

Now, I do understand that you can watch any movie and twist it to what ever meaning you want.. but.. there is definitely an anti consumerism/going against “the man”. I am not against the man, in fact I am anti … Continue reading

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Photo update

42 items leaving my possession as soon as possible

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Mayday Update

Sooo hard to get rid of items in the fashion of the May day cleaning! (1st of May get rid of one item, 2nd get rid of 2, and so on) I went out of town for the weekend and … Continue reading

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Ebaying My Stuff Away

I spent this week starting to go through clothing and learning how to use I figured I would list clothing for one week and then if it doesn’t sell, take it to goodwill. I am going to try first … Continue reading

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Welcome back to me and to you!

I am back after a rather long hiatus.. I started writing a few times but never put together a cohesive post. I hope you will forgive me. It’s been a bit of a rough time. Update on life: I am … Continue reading

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A Great Day

Wow.. I had a long but great day. All 12 working hours of it. My spec ed team is doing their best to work with each other to keep our door puller in the classroom. I was so surprised at … Continue reading

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Losing Stuff, Raffle Style

Hello all! I just found one of the most fun ways to lose stuff! I have been working on trying different rewards systems for students in my classes. Since in public schools, we don’t effectively punish, we have to find … Continue reading

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Over scheduled, under enthused

There is this mentality that we must always be doing something. I think it comes from our hurry scurry lifestyles but I feel like it is only exasperated by our instant Internet connections, drive through food chains, cell phones and … Continue reading

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Christmas Presents, oh no!

This year is the second year that I have had an extremely hard time making a Christmas list. As I have been paring down my items, I haven’t found many things I am missing. My family tends not to give … Continue reading

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Worth the Time

Good morning! Have you chosen to skip out of things because, although they sound awesome.. They come at an inconvient time for your budget or general life? I have. Most the time I pass on things, I have no regrets, … Continue reading

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