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The Summer of Travels

Well, this may be my last Summer. I am considering leaving teaching for a bit and if I do, my time will be spent differently in the months of June- August. I have never really just spent the summer traveling … Continue reading

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Today’s lunch

This is a normal lunch/snack pack of food that I create daily. Inside I put: A small salad An apple 2 snack baggies of tiny carrots A banana 2 eggs, boiled or baked A small Baggie of nuts Coffee, sometimes … Continue reading

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Cool Brains

As a teacher, 8 have the benefit of going to some pretty cool brain development lectures. Most of them are geared on how students learn and what we can do to help them learn better. Friday, I went to one … Continue reading

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RSS Reader and Baking

Hey all, I want to enjoy reading blogs but I don’t like the wordpress reader, I thought I had some blogs saved on there but they keep not showing the updated posts. I am frustrated because I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Over scheduled, under enthused

There is this mentality that we must always be doing something. I think it comes from our hurry scurry lifestyles but I feel like it is only exasperated by our instant Internet connections, drive through food chains, cell phones and … Continue reading

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Thursday was American Thanksgiving. When we were kids, schools focused on this day as the day Native Americans and Pilgrims sat down and had a giant feast and the pilgrims learned how to survive the winter by copying how the … Continue reading

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Artemis, Fun, Cheap and Takes No Extra Space

So, if you read Mondays post, I mentioned that I spent some time in a room where people were playing Artemis. What is Artemis, some of you may be thinking. It’s only the coolest use of technology I’ve seen in … Continue reading

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