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The Summer of Travels

Well, this may be my last Summer. I am considering leaving teaching for a bit and if I do, my time will be spent differently in the months of June- August. I have never really just spent the summer traveling … Continue reading

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Sleeping four and cooking for six!

Some new numbers to check off in my life book! I have slept four in people in my trailer and have cooked a full meal for six. A few weeks ago I had three very close friends come to visit. … Continue reading

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About My Grandmother

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I have been trying to go to bed earlier these days and to get 7-9 hours in bed asleep. I have noticed this has helped my workouts, my weight loss, the quickness in which I am processing things and my … Continue reading

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RSS Reader and Baking

Hey all, I want to enjoy reading blogs but I don’t like the wordpress reader, I thought I had some blogs saved on there but they keep not showing the updated posts. I am frustrated because I don’t want to … Continue reading

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Christmas Presents, oh no!

This year is the second year that I have had an extremely hard time making a Christmas list. As I have been paring down my items, I haven’t found many things I am missing. My family tends not to give … Continue reading

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Thursday was American Thanksgiving. When we were kids, schools focused on this day as the day Native Americans and Pilgrims sat down and had a giant feast and the pilgrims learned how to survive the winter by copying how the … Continue reading

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The Importance of Some Things

I wear a wedding band on a finger on my right hand. I am not divorced nor am I widowed. I wear this ring in memory of my late grandmother on my fathers side. This was her band when she … Continue reading

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That Shit is Gross

So… Aspartame.. It’s E.coli poop. For real.. I looked it up.. and then kept looking.. and kept looking. I was hoping I was wrong and that this was just internet crazy talk. Eventlly I found the patent. Genetically modified E. … Continue reading

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Running out of time

Good Morning! Since I was young, I have felt this sense of time rushing past. Some internal clock ticking telling me I have a limited time here and that it may not be as much time as I expected. To … Continue reading

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A deep sadness

I have a sadness that is sitting deep in my chest. It’s this dull tint of pain just rattling around my lungs mixed with all the air of the world around. Usually sadness just rolls off me. I mean.. it’s … Continue reading

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