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No Pain, No Gain

Good Day All! It’s morning for me and I am in a pretty decent mood. Why you might ask.. well, with a reminder from my wonderful boyfriend, my living room was repicked up and now, after a very busy week, … Continue reading

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The First Sweep

Good day all! You know that room that never gets the broom.. Not that it doesn’t need or or that it wasn’t slowly turning into the dustiest ickiest room in your place? Turns out that was the bathroom in my … Continue reading

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I broke my face!

Well not really… But I had fun pretending with makeup. I also worked a bit on cleaning out bathroom supplies. It turns out I have 21 small pots of eye powder, 5 mini pallets of fourish colors, 2 full pallets … Continue reading

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The Power of Pets and Positive Thinking (a short sidebar into my brain)

I believe in believing in yourself. I haven’t really said that enough today. I tell my students this each and every time they struggle. I’ve told it to struggling new teachers that seem to second guess themselves. I was told … Continue reading

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Scrub in wash week

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Good day all! Monday of this week is Columbus Day and in my school district that means I get the day off. This comes as we prepare to celebrate our Hispanic heritage month. I mainly mention it as an excuse … Continue reading

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Asleep in my chair

I’m writing this way to late in the evening. So it’s going to be a bit short. These last three days I have been struggling a bit with depression/apathy. It is weird how some days I feel this strong energy … Continue reading

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Get it done, David Allen style

My father is organized to the T. He could probably fit everything that he cared for in a small car with two dogs and drive off into the sunset if he ever got the itch. If it weren’t for my … Continue reading

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Bit of more than I could chew..

Well dear readers.. it is now 10:46 as I type this and I have sad news. ¬†Between my weekend activities and prepping to teach portraits this weekend, I did not finish a space cleaning.. Upon reflection (meaning as I sat … Continue reading

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My Dirty Secret

This may be the hardest thing I think I may have ever done. This is my living space.. I did not pick up before posting these. They kind of speak for them selves… My first goal is to clean up … Continue reading

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Getting fired up

I used to have dreams that I would just be standing in a clearing, holding my cat and petting her, and watching all of my stuff burn, licks of flames rising up into the night sky.. It was never a … Continue reading

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