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Still Fighting the Wants vs Needs Issue

I’m working on moving into the trailer at this point. I am at my parents house watching a sweet sweet dog and moving items into the trailer. I am trying to make any smelly, messy, tool needing changes while I … Continue reading

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Welcome back to me and to you!

I am back after a rather long hiatus.. I started writing a few times but never put together a cohesive post. I hope you will forgive me. It’s been a bit of a rough time. Update on life: I am … Continue reading

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Cleaning out the Fridge

I was looking in my refrigerator today and noticed just how full the apartment fridge is. I dutifully cleaned it out. I was a bit surprised to see how wasteful I have gotten. leftover pho (should have been another meal) … Continue reading

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Over scheduled, under enthused

There is this mentality that we must always be doing something. I think it comes from our hurry scurry lifestyles but I feel like it is only exasperated by our instant Internet connections, drive through food chains, cell phones and … Continue reading

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Thursday was American Thanksgiving. When we were kids, schools focused on this day as the day Native Americans and Pilgrims sat down and had a giant feast and the pilgrims learned how to survive the winter by copying how the … Continue reading

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Running out of time

Good Morning! Since I was young, I have felt this sense of time rushing past. Some internal clock ticking telling me I have a limited time here and that it may not be as much time as I expected. To … Continue reading

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Spending by Choice

Good Morning! If you happened to catch my Friday post or followed the link to BFS and looked at my budget, you can see I went over my budget this last month by a bit ($280). Today I want to … Continue reading

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Balancing the Books

Good Day all, If you remember a while back, I posted my new¬†budget for all to see. I haven’t talked to much about that with you all because I haven’t thought to much about it recently. I balance it at … Continue reading

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Everytime you spend money..

Good Morning! Yesterday I was almost unreasonably happy as I folded down the top of my tiny lil 1992 Geo Metro Convertible. We had a meeting that we stayed late for so I knew that my 30 min drive was … Continue reading

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