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Still around =)

Happy Valinetines Day everyone! Kay from a pair of bartletts asked how I was doing and I figured perhaps it was time for an update. First let me say I am still in the trailer and still loving it most of the … Continue reading

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  She has left this page to us, we believe, since she has written on it so little as of late. Our Momma seems to want to give us a chance to shine! Mom moved us in here in the mist … Continue reading

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Stressed, sick, and ready for a break

I am currently fighting the first of my winter colds. During this season I struggle with allergies triggered by the weather change and the multiple colds that my students so kindly share as their parents send them to school hacking … Continue reading

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The woman connection

I dont really feel better. I feel upset. Not depressed but upset. My mother is dealing with some basic health issues and I’m having to deal with the fact that I may not have a mom forever. I can’t imagine … Continue reading

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I need to breath more

I have been worried and stressed and a bit stretched thin in work lately. A lot has been going on and my normal teaching load basically doubled over night. Between some family concerns and some work concerns, my mind has … Continue reading

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Trust, Dealing with anger… And realizations that come from that.

Last Monday, I was rear ended. The people that hit me are now claiming that they didn’t hit me and don’t have a clue what is going on. I was furious at first. I tend to have a very trusting … Continue reading

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Sleeping four and cooking for six!

Some new numbers to check off in my life book! I have slept four in people in my trailer and have cooked a full meal for six. A few weeks ago I had three very close friends come to visit. … Continue reading

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Did I mention I saw a tiny house?

In Austin, I got to see a tiny house waiting to be customized. It was outside a cute little store that had an Eco friendly focus. We didn’t spend to long looking around in the store because I was too … Continue reading

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Austin, fun for a visit but not home

As I sit out of my trailer, I thinking of this weekend trip. My younger brother requested a visit from us for his birthday and we gladly planned a visit for this last weekend. Then I got sick. I picked … Continue reading

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Ants and aunts

I mentioned that I was having some trouble with the travel trailer. Since I moved in, I have had to have the roof re-sealed and chose to do this correctly and also went ahead and had all my seals redone. … Continue reading

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