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Steps to trying to start.

A friend of mine made a post of social media asking “Does anyone have any experience/thoughts/resources on minimalist living? Debating between trying to pack and move the majority of my things, or drastically reducing just to selected essentials (basically shipping one … Continue reading

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Bang! Car Crash and Whiplash

Well, I went to Maine with my mother. We had a grand time. I will write so much more than that when it isn’t midnight. Why am I up at midnight, the reader wonders. I am up at midnight because … Continue reading

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Pokemon Go … Yes I Play

I pre wrote this post so you would have one. See, that’s how serious I was about trying to start posting again. =) I am a fully functioning adult and I play Pokemon Go. That’s right, the app for phones … Continue reading

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The Summer of Travels

Well, this may be my last Summer. I am considering leaving teaching for a bit and if I do, my time will be spent differently in the months of June- August. I have never really just spent the summer traveling … Continue reading

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Loss of the first floor, acclimating to the house

Since I haven’t been writing, here is a brief catch up.. In March, the sewer backed up through our shower into our house. Much cursing was had. Husband and I learned how to communicate better. Floors were redone… They just … Continue reading

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We bought a house….

So… It has been a bit. I figured for those who are curious, I could and would offer an update.  My husband and I, after TONS of searching and a bit of a compromise we found a house that fit … Continue reading

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My guy is wonderful

I just wanted to share a bit about the man I am engaged to. He is wonderful. When I feel sick, he has been sweet and brings me soup. When I’m healthy, he is there to snuggle me. When I … Continue reading

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I wanna Prius sooo bads… so bad

Yep. I am pretty decided. I want a Prius. A Prius V I am pretty sure.  Also it’s my birthday tomorrow… I wish there was a birthday fairy that brought loan free cars. That would be super cool.   Other … Continue reading

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What do I want in my travel vehicle/ situation?

Now that I am struggling through the conversion van question, I begin to think about what I really want in my travel vehicle. The purpose of this vehicle is to allow me to go farther distances cheaper and in a … Continue reading

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Wishing for a bit more space

Hey all, Things I’ve noticed lately about living in the trailer. Somehow, even though I don’t plan to increase the amount of items I own… I do. I pick up little things at conventions, I replace old shoes but don’t … Continue reading

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