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Good day all,

This blog is where I hope to document my path from being over materialistic to actually only having what I want/need/use. I plan to update it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with that focus. Tuesdays and Thursdays get random posts if something is on my mind.

I have struggled with year of over collecting stuff and now, as an adult, have a small apartment choked full of things I don’t have time or inclination to use. This last summer, I managed to narrow all of my items down by half and still feel more than overwhelmed.

My goals

  • get rid of enough stuff that I don’t use/need that I can fit in a 24-27 foot travel trailer
  • store furniture I love for the first year in a travel trailer in case I hate living in a place that small
  • keep on a healthy weight loss track to I can be comfortable in said tiny trailer
  • budget so I can buy trailer (used) with cash before next Sept.
  • keep saving money so I can eventually buy my own land (or travel)
I will be posting 3 times a week updating on one of those things. I will try and rotate what I post about so we don’t get to bored.. After all, this is an adventure!

 a collector.

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Casey Cudd says:

    Hey! It’s Casey from Demontrond….I think I may have found you a new home 🙂 I called your cell but it was going straight to voicemail.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I saw my missed call and tried to call back but I am not getting your number correct. I left two messages and got a polite text from someone letting me know. I can pick up my phone tomorrow, I was testing students all day today. Thank you so much for keeping me on your list. 😉

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