Bang! Car Crash and Whiplash

Well, I went to Maine with my mother. We had a grand time. I will write so much more than that when it isn’t midnight.

Why am I up at midnight, the reader wonders. I am up at midnight because I have whiplash and it hurts. We landed back home on Monday afternoon/evening. My mother returned me and my luggage to my house and husband. In an attempt to get some together time before I slept for two days, my husband took me out to dinner. (He’s a sweet man, I know.) We ate our usual fare at Chili’s and were almost home when we got hit from behind. I was bending over to get the cord to charge my phone as I played Pokemon Go and was not expecting a Toyota Tundra to introduce it’s self so violently to my husbands Jetta but expecting it or not, it sure did happen. Fortunately for us, my husband does actually leave a gap between himself and other drivers so we didn’t then collide into the car in front of us. Unfortunately for us, neither of us are invincible.  The truck’s owner and us pulled into the parking lot to wait for an officer and to trade info. The owner just checked out. He wasn’t drunk or sleepy or drugged. It was just one of those long days and he wasn’t paying attention at just the wrong time. He had insurance and it didn’t take long for the officer to find him at fault and ticket him.

I wish that had been the end of it all but..

Even after the crash, I knew something was wrong. Standing up after sitting down on the curb shot pain all the way up my spine to the base of my neck. After holding myself together pretty well, I tearfully told my husband that I didn’t feel good and he took me to the ER. Of course, there were others in the ER who looked like they REALLY REALLY needed to be there so after seeing I had a Dr. appointment the next day we stopped at Kroger, grabbed muscle relaxer, and drove home. I took a pill and long hot bath in a desperate attempt to fix whatever happened to my body. It may have helped but as these days continue I know it didn’t help enough. My doctor told me that we would know the full extent of the damage in two weeks. Well, tomorrow makes one week and I can’t even pick up a 12 pack of soda without almost crying so… we will see.

On a bright note, school for students starts soon and I do look forwards to my minimally decorated room. I have decided to go with a neat aesthetic this year in hopes that it will help the room stay clean and organized. Since that is not in my nature, I will be using a work friend to be my spare eyes and warn me when things are looking messy. It should be great fun.

Here’s to a new school year and to not being crushed by trucks. (Gotta focus on the positive here dangit.) One sheep… Two sheep… Three sheep…

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  1. Crystal says:

    I’m sorry, chica. I didn’t know you were still in so much pain. 🙁 I remember you getting whiplash in your neck a couple of years ago that took 2-3 weeks, so hopefully this will heal up too.

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