Pokemon Go … Yes I Play

I pre wrote this post so you would have one. See, that’s how serious I was about trying to start posting again. =)

I am a fully functioning adult and I play Pokemon Go. That’s right, the app for phones and ipads that let’s you run around and catch invisible creatures. Those who know me know I don’t play many games on my screens so an explanation on how I fell into this one.

1. Before Pokemon Go was a game called Ingress. It is a game where you either drive or walk to certain locations and press the screen to click that you were there. You were on one of the teams made up of tons of invisible people around the world and were trying to connect the places that you clicked on. So here is where the challenge is. When you click these places you can gain power over them. You had to “attack” them with powers you gained from clicking on tons of different ones. I enjoyed playing this game with my husband for a while and we watched a few forums but never really made it to a meetup to do coordinated attacks on harder areas or anything. It drained my phone battery and my husband and I got busy and this game fell by the wayside.

2. I played a few other phone games but not really anything I could play with people. It made me super sad not to be able to really relate to what others were playing but I also just didn’t want to look at my phone screen when the world was amazing and going on around me.

3. Pokemon Go came along. My husband and I talked and decided to play it. We started playing together. I enjoy catching pokemon with my phone as we drive around or go to the main places (poke-e-stops). Even at beginning levels you get introduced to new and fun little characters so there is instant satisfaction as you catch these creatures. I found out my friends were playing and were willing to be on our team (even though yellow is the smallest of the teams). There is still the challenging locations that your team color can claim once you get high enough level (or bored of catching small creatures) but there is also the added benefit of evolving pokemon from small creatures to larger creatures. Unlike all the crazy videos coming out, it is not to hard to play while moving around. The game can be immersive but you just stop and walk to the side to finish the moves. The absolutely coolest part of this game though stands that so many people are playing it. I am dreadfully shy and I actually went up to someone and had something to talk to them about! If I had been able to play this in early college, it would have been a game changer for me.

One of my favorite moments of the Dallas trip was getting to play pokemon with friends and seeing parents and kids playing together and Malls/ courtyards full of people leaning on the sides or sitting in chairs and catching pokemon. How cool is that?

I can also see from the side of people who aren’t playing it. I bet you guys are frustrated by the sudden crowds in places that were once freed up. I also find it mildly annoying that people stop suddenly in the middle of the hallway and some forget to move to the side. I hate when I see a driver of a car playing this (or anything). I worry a bit that conversations are going to die out. When I start to think tons about it though, I remind myself that most of these things are fads. That means it will fade out in time and we will all remember that in 2016 everyone around seemed to stop and play a silly game and hang out in groups for just a little while, escaping all the mess of the world happening around us.

Go Team Instinct

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