The Summer of Travels

Well, this may be my last Summer. I am considering leaving teaching for a bit and if I do, my time will be spent differently in the months of June- August. I have never really just spent the summer traveling as was my original plan with the trailer so this summer I hit the road like I have never before.

School let out on June 3rd for teacher. I took two weeks to reflect and made changes to some of my old lessons as well as documented what I thought would be the most fun the following year. 

  • June 20 and 21 I helped develop curriculum for my district.
  • June 22-26 I went to San Angelo to visit some friends.
  • June 28-July 6th I flew to Seattle and enjoyed visiting the Olympic National Forest (STUNNING) with my husband and then visiting a good friend from the area.
  • July 10,11 I enjoyed a “Movies you should see” marathon run by a good friend my hometown.
  • July 12,13 I relaxed with Ms. BFS. A tradition we are trying to start up after our fond memories of the first time we did it.
  • July 20-23 I visited Dallas area and was fortunate enough to see a few college friends and my older brothers branch of the family!

The rest of my summer looks like..

  • July 27-30 I am going to a conference for teaching that sounds like it will be amazing.
  • August 2-8 I will be enjoying Maine with my mother. We have started doing a trip each summer together and this has lead to wonderful bonding and a very close relationship that I treasure.
  • Then I start back at work shortly after that!

Ten Things I Learned from Being on the Road

  1. Bring clothing that can be sink washed and dried quickly for the most part. You may need to do it.
  2. Good socks make hiking a much better experience. They are worth spending a bit on but you can get them for under $20 a pair.
  3. You can break phones just by climbing on boulders. Not even by touching them. Just that small flex in the screen and they are done for. Good cases save money.
  4. Double check the weather where you are going and then bring a sweater anyway.
  5. If the person you are flying with is checking a bag, just go ahead and check yours. Keep your purse with you and keep a change of undergarments in it as well as your toothbrush, just in case.
  6. When tubing, sunscreen can only do so much. Make sure you have aloe with you at all times and wear a hat. It is not worth the burn.
  7. Age isn’t an excuse. I hiked 9-12 miles for 4 days straight. Good socks, good shoes and good company as well as plenty of water.
  8. Packing in ziplock bags of various sizes is almost as good as those expensive packing cubes and they meld better to the shape of my backpacks.
  9. Really think of what type of makeup you want to use for your trips. You probably don’t need all that you pack. Honestly, you may not need any.
  10. Take pictures some of the time but not all of the time. You may miss capturing that super fun moment on camera but you are involved in it. And that is so much better that looking through the window of that tiny screen.

I may have missed my kittens and my husband and I may feel like I stretched myself a bit thin this summer but I will always be thankful that I got to see as many of my friends and family as I have been able to.

What trips have you dreamed of doing? People you wish to see?

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  1. Crystal says:

    You really went balls to the wall this summer!!! I had a fantastic time tubing yet again – I do hope we can make it an annual tradition as planned!!!

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