We bought a house….

So… It has been a bit. I figured for those who are curious, I could and would offer an update.  My husband and I, after TONS of searching and a bit of a compromise we found a house that fit all of our perceived needs for now and the future. This house is over 3000 feet. That’s right. I just moved from 160ish square feet too over 3000.

Overwhelming. I thought certainly the space would feel nice but there is something oppressive about that much open space. As boxes upon boxes rolled in from my old storage unit and my husbands rental space, I quickly saw how much stuff we still had. It at first made me feel quite panicked.  Sometimes I still look around and try to figure out how all of this happened and what part will this play in my life.

After giving it a few weeks, I told my husband how the open space made me feel and that I was unhappy. He has suggested that we give it a bit of time for adjustment and to actually get things in the right place and that if I am still unhappy, we can sell the house and figure something else out. I know that isn’t going to be good for us though. We have the space for future children and current guests. Once it is all put together we will have a gaming library for our groups that gather frequently for playing board games and enough space to host my family when they all come down for events.

So far my adjusting/coping mechnisms of dealing with this much change in space have been:

  • I don’t go upstairs unless I have too. Most of our boxes are there and if I don’t have time to work on the boxes, I don’t go look at them.
  • Use the kitchen space I have. It is wonderful now that I am getting used to it and it will be fun to get to actually cook large meals once it all falls together.
  • I’m working on recognizing when my husband is doing something to help around the house so I feel like it is more of a team effort.
  • I am also realizing what the roll of change has in my depression cycles and learning to accept that I will just be unhappy sometimes. And that’s not because of the house necessarily or because my husband. That’s because I’m not as chemically balanced as some people and I am not going above and beyond to improve that.

So that’s a bit of what is going on currently. I am also super excited for my family gathering in early April. It’s one of my favorite parts of the year.

Stay tuned to hear about the great brown flood of 2016 next post!!

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  1. Crystal says:

    My hope for you is that you’ll adore your new house after you get to make it your own. Good luck, lady. 🙂

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