I wanna Prius sooo bads… so bad

Yep. I am pretty decided. I want a Prius. A Prius V I am pretty sure.  Also it’s my birthday tomorrow… I wish there was a birthday fairy that brought loan free cars. That would be super cool.


Other updates.. weddings planning is fancy and I don’t wanna. Magic wedding fairy, I summon you too!

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3 Responses to I wanna Prius sooo bads… so bad

  1. Crystal says:

    HAHAHAHA! I completely know how you feel. I would like a magical fairy of mortgage-free houses or something…

  2. Stephen says:

    My dad has a Prius C,he LOVES it! I’ve driven it a few times (once on a day long few hundred mile road trip),I’m not as enthused as he is…but I’m a car guy who has to either make things loud,low,lifted,fast,or otherwise different,LOL! I’d certainly buy one,even knowing I couldn’t do much to it for the above 🙂 Our rides are a lifted FJ Cruiser (which is trailed at least monthly,on trail rides and camping trips) and a modified New Beetle GLS Turbo ragtop (which is low,loud,and considerably faster than when we bought it),so that’s high praise coming from me 🙂

  3. Some Art Teacher says:

    Stephen: I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed driving your dad’s prius even though you prefer cars you can alter! That is a really good sign to me.

    Crystal: That would make a lot more sense money wise. That’s why you write the money blog lol!!

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