What do I want in my travel vehicle/ situation?

Now that I am struggling through the conversion van question, I begin to think about what I really want in my travel vehicle. The purpose of this vehicle is to allow me to go farther distances cheaper and in a more relaxed way of travel. For this, I don’t want to have to find a hotel room every time I am going somewhere. I want to be able to drive to the sunset and not worry about when I get tired. Here’s what I think I am looking for.

  • a vehicle that has enough space I can lay down in the back of the car
  • a/c that can run for a long part of the evening so I don’t overheat if I car sleep for a night
  • I want a way to use the restroom. It’s not a very nice fact but I use the restroom way way to much to have to depend on the ability to find a potty. I intend to purchase one of the casset style porta potties. It’s basically the car equivalent to what I have in the trailer.
  • Decent gas milage

It would also be nice to be able to store my camping gear so I could easily tent camp/ cook. I figure I can ice chest most meats and eat them before they will go bad for road trips if it comes down to feeding myself healthy food. That or I can rely on veggies and jerky.

When surfing the internet, I found this site where a young person is staying in a Prius. I saw the choices she made and thought huh… that meets most of the needs I have. So, now I have been stewing over using a Prius instead. I am going to hit the Toyota lots and check out the Prius V and see if the wagon version is enough space and look at some of their other models. I may have found my solution to getting a car that will run for quite a while and will also still meet my RV needs.

Tiny Yay!


Also, just for funzies, I am including a link to someone who did more alterations on their Prius than I plan to do. TV TIME


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2 Responses to What do I want in my travel vehicle/ situation?

  1. Crystal says:

    I love this idea and really loved the way the two people in the links made their Prius’ into mini-rv’s, LOL. I think this is totally you. 🙂

  2. Some Art Teacher says:

    =) Tiny camper tiny camper ooo lalee tiny camper!

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