Still around =)

Happy Valinetines Day everyone!

Kay from a pair of bartletts asked how I was doing and I figured perhaps it was time for an update.

First let me say I am still in the trailer and still loving it most of the time. As I lay here this evening I try to imagine how I would live differently in an apartment and how unhappy those differences made me most of the time. These days I have to make a conscious effort not to buy extra stuff. I still have all the urges to purchase and to thrift store shop but have been doing well focusing on what I need.

Not as well when it comes to making sure everything gets put away. My couch quite often has a small pile of stuff on it. Most of the time it is the place where my school stuff slowly builds up along with jackets and sweaters as the temperature flexes between cold and warm.

I have continued to cook and discovered the joy of cooking in crockpots but then ran off and started to cook meals that require more work than the crockpot. My kitchen is very very full.

I got engaged. Yeah that is really really big news. My guy asked on New Years and I said yes. I am super happy about that. We are planning a very long engagement for several reasons, including the fact that I am happy in my trailer and that long term, we want to make sure that I am ready to move out of it and into a different living situation.  It’s interesting because I don’t know that I would be willing to move out for many people but I am actually looking forwards to sharing a space and my life with my guy.

I still need to buy my SUV to pull the trailer. This needs to happen before summer. For now, that is my biggest personal life stresser and one that I have been avoiding. I am not really a happy big car driver. I will have to learn

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  1. Kay says:

    Thanks for the update and congrats on your engagement!!!

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