She has left this page to us, we believe, since she has written on it so little as of late. Our Momma seems to want to give us a chance to shine!

Mom moved us in here in the mist of her hometimes. See, sometimes she is gone all day and it seems like she has forgotten us and then, for weeks on end, she stays and pets and loves us. We have come to understand that is her pattern and love her with that fault.

Today, like many days, we snuggled all the warmth from our mom as  she was sleeping. I sleep on her hip or tummy while my little sister (Cass) sleeps down by her legs. We used to sleep together but lately Cass has been so annoying that I want nothing to do with her when I am trying to nap. This day Mom stayed home most of the day. She woke up and disappeared with Hun for breakfast. During that time, we have to stay put. I usually sleep on the bed more and Cass proceeds to knock over anything not nailed down in the kitchen.

When Mom comes back, she always lets us go outside and play. We are limited by this metal fence that keeps us in but.. it is better than when she used to load the both of us into the tower and leave us there. This allows for much more room and I can chase the leaves around as they skitter across the concrete in the wind.

Hun sits outside with us and pets whoever makes the mistake of coming near to the laptop. We are snuggled in laps each time we try to crawl over the keys. Neither of them seem to understand that the laptop is a warm sleep box.

On days like today, mom lets us play all day long. She even put a box out for us so we have something to hide in and sniff around. I tried to interest Cass in peek a box but she was to busy looking at the world from the tower. I wouldn’t have been so persistent but she seems to be getting lazier and larger. I need her to stay smaller so she doesn’t hog all of my food. As it is, I am almost unable to fit next to her in our daytime bed. When she jumps up to cuddle, I have to put my head near her tail and her limbs seem everywhere.

I have to admit, days when my mom and Hun are home are my favorite days. We get all day outside and all the petting we may or may not want. There is a gust of breeze that I can feel on my skin and the sun is just warm enough. Cass is pleasant even if she won’t play with me. At least she isn’t pouncing on me. I only come in when it is time for me to.. ahem.. use the restroom. That is inside hiding business, not for all eyes.

I know tomorrow that we will get less time. Tomorrow is a “work” day. Mom lets us out while she brushes teeth and puts on new fur. She boils black liquid that smells like plants and then puts on feet. We have yet to figure out why sometimes she had extra feet and sometimes the ones she has at night are enough. Then she will scoops us both us and jam us inside for most the day. She doesn’t come back until late in the evening and then we only get a few hours outside before she starts yawn and makes us go back to bed.

It is a much different place than we used to live in. We were both a bit hesitant to move into this new space. Sometimes we miss the little dog that would touch our noses through the metal gate that surrounded our patio and we had so much more room for inside days. Now, we have so much more time outside but inside time is boring. Mom seems to be happier though and snuggles us much more.

We shall see how long we stay here before she manages Suzette

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4 Responses to Caturday!!

  1. Aunt G says:

    awesome post! Give Mom lots of loving for me. 🙂

  2. Kay says:

    How’s trailer living going?

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