Stressed, sick, and ready for a break

I am currently fighting the first of my winter colds. During this season I struggle with allergies triggered by the weather change and the multiple colds that my students so kindly share as their parents send them to school hacking and coughing.

This year, at the suggestion of my father, I started taking allergy medicine way early and took it each morning. I was doing very well until this last week.

This last week at school I had so much going on. I have been trying to help cover a larger amount of students as we work on finding a teacher, figuring out how to show this many students artwork and trying to pull together a program that was left in my hands after said teacher had to go. I will miss her for more than that though. She was one of my close friends at school and I tend not to make them easily. I have been feeling her absence as the year travels on and I think of all the times I rely on her. She was always cheerful when life was really hard and I miss that. The only reason I have been lasting so long like I have been is because the rest of my team in my courtyard is so supportive.

The increased work hours and amount of work have kept me up to all hours and have woken me up early in the morning several days. Last weekend I was so tired that I didn’t end up making my lunches for school so I was eating the school food that was not the healthiest choice for me.  These choices lead me down the road of exhaustion. I don’t want to let my students down but I just can’t do it all. As I sit here with a low fever this weekend and a hacking cough producing massive amounts of mucus, I remember that I have to take care of myself too.  If I am not functioning, I can’t function for anyone else.

If I am still this ill tonight, I will be calling in sick. I can’t teach this way. I am going to have to remember that there has to be a balance between my health and the amount of work I am doing.

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