I need to breath more

I have been worried and stressed and a bit stretched thin in work lately. A lot has been going on and my normal teaching load basically doubled over night. Between some family concerns and some work concerns, my mind has been racing again when I am trying to sleep. Today I decided I am going to take the afternoon, just me, relax with kittens, eat pre made ham rolls for dinner and relax. I may even go soak in the hot tub. Tonight, there will be no work, no number crunching, grading or planning. Just breathing. I am going to make an effort to sit quietly and enjoy my evening.

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3 Responses to I need to breath more

  1. Crystal says:

    Sounds awesome to me!

  2. Aunt G says:

    Deep breath in…. Deep breath out…repeat as necessary…. 🙂

  3. Eric says:

    Good for you! Life sends all of us some curve balls. It’s good to keep focused on what’s important and not allow all the other noise in our lives make us miserable. I’m taking tonight off as well and reading some of my favorite web sites!

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