Did I mention I saw a tiny house?

In Austin, I got to see a tiny house waiting to be customized. It was outside a cute little store that had an Eco friendly focus. We didn’t spend to long looking around in the store because I was too busy being excited about peeking in the tiny house that they had in their parking lot.

I have been trying to understand tiny houses. They are cute for sure. I love the aesthetic and the concept of the tiny house, but they seem more crowded then travel trailer and I was unsure that the payoff was worth it.

I could tell online that the counters would feel more like kitchen counters and not some odd Plastic stuff. Real windows were pretty but often times much smaller than the trailer windows and sometimes a bit off shape wise for the space given to them. I do love the built in book shelf is nice but I do want my home to be towable. The wood walls… Well I’m a sucker for those too. All the security of the closed doors holding my stuff in, not having to pull myself into bed each night and the ease of pulling and entry level price made a trailer the correct choice for me at the time.

I walked into a tiny home though and I liked the space. I was worried it would feel more cramped then my trailer but it didn’t. Instead it felt taller and wider. I felt like it was more than a small room.. It was a whole house. The composting toilet still makes me cringe a bit but the shower was a functional rectangle instead of my tiny triangle. The kitchen looked huge and had the same stove/oven I currently own. The half finished house was easy to imagine as a home. It’s the difference from a motel to a five start hotel. I don’t mind my motel but if I forever planned to live this contained, I would start saving now for a tiny house.

I would take trailer lessons there though. In the kitchen, I would have a space for each and every item. I would consider a shadow box style technique where the outlines were where the objects should be. I think I would use a jack knife couch like the one in my trailer. It is comfortable and pulls out to a bed. I would have a loft on both sides of the trailer. One side would hold a full size bed that I would have stairs going too. These would also have drawers for storage. I think I would use it as shoe storage. I don’t have many pairs but the pairs I have would look better and last longer if I didn’t have to stack them on each other to get them to fit. (Hum… Maybe some over the bed stuff can be paired down so that shoes can go in that area.) I will never again use a sponge on my dishes since finding my blue scrubby cloth and I would keep my wardrobe pretty pared down.

It is a bit silly to focus on that to much though. My guy and I have had some serious talks that indicate we plan to share our futures together. He and I are still talking living plans for our future. I will have to talk with him before I post tons about that. šŸ˜‰

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2 Responses to Did I mention I saw a tiny house?

  1. Kay says:

    My boyfriend always jokes about us selling the house and moving full time into our trailer. I told him he would probably be murdered within a month. lol
    How is the laundry situation working out for you?

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I am using friends houses after all. All of the reviews I saw ended up helping me realize that for the amount of cleaning I would get once, it would not be worth the loss of space. so far, good. I have only used the laundry matt at the trailer park once and only because I didn’t remember to bring stuff when I went to hang out with Ms. BFS.
      I think that your guy may find that he wants to work outside more so that you have more space. We live in two different places so when we want space, we just say good night or good bye. =)

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