Austin, fun for a visit but not home

As I sit out of my trailer, I thinking of this weekend trip. My younger brother requested a visit from us for his birthday and we gladly planned a visit for this last weekend.

Then I got sick. I picked up this awful summer cold from the kiddos at my school. This cold included a fever, sweats, some dizziness and so much head pain. Oh, and snot. Lots of snot. I ended up taking off a day of work, almost unheard of this early in the year, and slept late in the day on Friday. Then loaded up in moms car and slept more as we drove down to Austin. My little brother, Clark, said come on down and when I realized there wouldn’t be a better time to visit I agreed.

We had a wonderful time visiting costume shops, goodwill shops, and great food places. We even had an enjoyable few hours at a small pub where I enjoyed grilled cheese and soup while he drank a pint in mom sipped some tea. My favorite movement was going to see my first roller derby game though. I really enjoyed how much competition there was between the ladies to break through and skate for points. There was a clear skill to the winning teams offense and defense and I was impressed by the planning required to keep people where you wanted them on the small track.

All that being said, Austin is so not the town for me. Everywhere we went there was tons of people. People create lines coming from food place to food place and everything requires patience and a willingness to give up your elbow room. I am still trying to figure out if this was because I am overweight compared to the young city folk or if this was just the way everyone feels and no one really minds it.

I also realized how much space my trailer feels like it has. Because the inside is open access to most areas mean that you don’t feel squished. I never really want to live somewhere that feels smaller than the trailer I live now. Nor do I want to live in a city that you can’t scoot back your chair to get up after a really good meal without banging into your neighbor. Great for a short visit, just not my home.

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  1. Crystal says:

    Sick sucks. And yeah, I love visiting Austin, but I couldn’t call it home. Generally the same reasons…oh, and they have those things called…ummm…hills? Yeah, I like my land flat. 😉

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