Ants and aunts

I mentioned that I was having some trouble with the travel trailer.

Since I moved in, I have had to have the roof re-sealed and chose to do this correctly and also went ahead and had all my seals redone. I called around and was recommended a worker man named Russ. He was great and did it all for around 750. I didn’t expect to have to do this so soon but I am comforting myself with the fact that is was cheaper than he quoted and much cheaper than I thought it would be.

I also have a toilet issue. I need to get a new seal for my toilet so that a tiny bit of water stays around the rim. This keeps the smells trapped down where they belong so you don’t have such a stinky bathroom. I know, yucky.

The biggest stress right now though is ants. I have ants crawling in my trailer and I don’t want them around. I don’t know how they are getting in but I want them gone. I am almost to the point of calling an exterminator but I have two more things to try.

As for aunts, I am looking forward to my actual aunt visiting town this week. I haven’t seen her in a bit and it will be fun to catch up. 🙂

Anyone have any ant killing suggestions that won’t hurt the cats?

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  1. Kay says:

    We use an any spray that once dry is not harmful to animals. We bought it at Home Depot but I can’t remmeber the name. Also make sure to spray under the trailer. I hate ants! Are you on a sewer hookup for your trailer? If so, are you keeping the black waste valve closed until you empty it every so often? Also, the blue chemical that you can put in the toliet works great. We use it in ours and never have a smell problem. We also make sure to flush a lot of water in the toliet to allow for more to break down the waste.

  2. Aunt G says:

    It seems like a couple times a year we get ants in our kitchen and around the cat food bowls. I’ve found that for my kind of ants, I’ve used Raid’s Ant Bait traps, and the problem goes away within ~24 hours or sooner. There is an interesting article from U of Nebraska-Lincoln about the different types of ants and what works with them. . Because I have cats I didn’t want any kind of spray or gel that was exposed that they could get to. Here’s another site with ideas: And none of these options will be toxic to your visiting aunt. 🙂

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Thank you! Along with those suggestions I have been told comet around my tires and leveling jacks is a very good trick. I hope this is the one and only times I have to bomb my trailer but I believe they are living in the walls at this point and want to make sure they are gone.

  3. The DC says:

    We use a product called Terro (may be mis-spelled),found at almost any hardware store or Wal-Mart (not expensive). It’s a poisonous,gooey liquid in a small bottole,and you tear off pads (only about an inch sqaure),pour some of it on there,set it in a place where you see ants congregating,they eat their fill,take it back to the queen,and BAM,dead/no more ants. I DON’T,however,know if it would be harmful to your cats (I would research and find out before I decided either way on using it),but having a pair of dogs (Austrian Sheperd and a Chihuahua),we have never had any issues at all with it. I hate ants so much I don’t even like uncles very much anymore (haha! 😛 ).

    Ours was new when we bought it this year (we had been looking at a bit nicer used one,but they had such a deal going on on that unit specifically that it was only a few $ per month difference in payment,so we jumped on it,both for the warrantee and to continue to rebuild our credit after it had been trashed when I was forced out of work/unpaid for 25 months a while back),but I dread the resealing of the roof when it’s due…unless we can DIY it,$750 doesn’t sound as high as we were expecting =/

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I expect that I got a rather good deal. That was my whole trailer revealed too. I think it is a job that one could do on their own. Basically, you scrape all the old stuff off, clean it with turpentine and then pile on the new goo. I think that you can just up keep for a few years though. Just patch any cracking areas. I think my guy said it would be three years before I should even have to consider doing it if I upkeep the roof correctly.

  4. Hey Dee!

    Have you seen this thread, it may offer up some new ideas for you concerning your ant problem:

    Good luck with the ants and enjoy your catching up time with your aunt!

    Take care and all the best.


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