Tiny kitchen is tiny.. But functioning.

I cooked all breakfast and lunches for the week for the first time in ages. I have been going back up in weight and am unhappy with the results that is having on my body so I am adjusting my food habits again. It took a bit longer than normal to cook in the trailer today, partially due to a struggle with ants that I am having but all told I took 4 hours to do all of my cooking. This is a bit larger than my target but as I streamline my cooking again I will be able to get that down to about 2.

You can see that something’s were a bit creatively placed but this for the most part worked. That is ten meals in total. (5 for myself and 5 for my guy).

Breakfast include grapes, apple, white chedder, a boiled egg and a sweet protein bar thingie. It is around ten weight watchers points total.

Lunches are a meat, banana, veggie and a rather large salad to fill in any hunger gaps that may occur.

My plan for at home dinners is salad or lightly breaded chicken chunks because that is what currently lives in my fridge.

I sure do miss having a large oven. A dedicated spice rack would be nice too.

That being said, all of this could happen and did work out with the much smaller space. Smoothies had to be sacrificed though because there was not enough room for the extra veggies we would need. (I may have a fix for that with some rearranging).

What does your fridge look like?

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3 Responses to Tiny kitchen is tiny.. But functioning.

  1. The DC says:

    Yup…cooking in the camper/travel trailer is definitely different,and an excersise in space management,LOL! Something that we do that aids/helps/makes it more fun is that we carry a smallish-small-medium propane grille (especially since we all like my meats off the grille 😉 :p ) and do some of it outdoors (weather permitting of course). It’s not just meats though,whole meals (veggies too) can be grilled that way. Around $50 or so at (the dreaded) WalMart and $5 for a 2 pack of fuel makes many a trip for us. 🙂

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I really do need to get to grilling. It can’t be that hard. I have never grilled much but that’s no reason to not start soon. I am looking forward to figuring out grilled veggies. I enjoy them when my mom makes them so I imagine I will be making them often.

  2. I have a small kitchen as well, but not as tiny as yours I presume!

    That being said, there’s something cool about only having what you need and that with some food/meal planning, you’ll adapt and find ways to work around the smallness.

    It’s been a while since I dropped by your blog, and I’m super stoked that you did what you set out to do. That’s pretty awesome Dee.

    I’m now off to read more of your previous posts and adventures 🙂

    Take care and my best to all.


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