Trailer living is the dream, kind of..

To be honest, I love living in my trailer. There have been a few hitches but let me tell you when I was sold on this lifestyle.

It was the first week back for my students and I was always in a rush.. I was moving out of my apartment and making lessons and adjusting student plans and a million other things. The trailer was full and the cats were crying constantly while they figured out this was their new home. I didn’t
Pick up. For a week. The trailer was trashed. ..

I had dishes upon dishes from my fellows lunch kits and had used spoons and pots to the max. Clothing littered the couch and stuff was everywhere. It was truly a mess. In only took one hour to have the trailer look lot ready again. Things were washed and put away, trash was removed, cat boxes scooped, clothing hung, floors swept, floors mopped and cabinets wiped down. It was amazing. I know that the key to this is mostly having a place for everything but until I lived here in the trailer, that assigned spot for thing never occurred.

As for the kind of.. Well, we are having some maintenance issues. I hope to catch you up on those as I slowly resolve them.

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9 Responses to Trailer living is the dream, kind of..

  1. Crystal says:

    Sorry about the maintenance issues, but I am so glad to see how happy you are in your new place!!!

  2. The DC says:

    There will be an aclimation period,for you and your furry friends (and everything made by man’s hands eventually needs maintenance),you’re doing very fine,my friend (and with much envy…when “empty nesters”,I so want to go full time in our little Jayco! πŸ˜€ ),better to need it now than the dead of winter (whether in southern TX or here in TN,LOL πŸ˜› ) πŸ™‚

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Lol well in Texas I may get a fair weather discount in Winter! As long as it wasn’t the two weeks a year it manages to rain and freeze. =)

  3. Aunt G says:

    I need some of your will to downsize and clean. I get overwhelmed whenever I try to tackle it. πŸ™‚

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      There were many many many times when I sat in the middle of piles of stuff in tears wondering what the hell I was doing. So worth it now. Tiny bits help and tons of friends over to help is good too.

  4. Eric says:

    After reading your trailer cleanup comments, I went and put away anything out in my bedroom, our upstairs bath, cleaned off my workbench in my garage and put away all the dishes in the kitchen. It’s funny how little things you do have an impact on others and you often never know it. Keep up sharing the life’s experiences / lessons — we all enjoy reading them and learn from them!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I can’t imagine your spaces getting really messy! You always seem to tidy up so often. Now I know why. The keeping everything nice is kind of wonderful

  5. Eric says:

    DC said “…and everything made by man’s hands eventually needs maintenance….”

    Boy that is the truth. We noticed a discoloration in our den ceiling. SW (Smart Wife) mentioned she thought our upstairs toilet was just above it. That got DH (dumb husband) off lazy behind and we checked it out. Sure enough the wax seal was slowly leaking, obviously for a long time. Further inspection found the toilet internals sadly aged. So off to the store for toilet rebuild parts. With time required to physically cut off the rusted metal components, it took SW and DH about 2-3 hrs to complete simple rebuild. But now all is well. Plumbing works fine again. Ceiling drying out and eventually will be repainted. Life is good. Funny – it took us longer to fix a toiler than it took for you to clean up your whole trailer!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Well, when I get around to fixing my toilet, I am sure it will take me more than an hour too. Such a small space to wedge my hands. πŸ™‚

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