I get by with a little help from my friends

Good day all! I am still wrapping up the whole clearing out the apartment bit. I should be done by Friday, just time to get my students the following Monday. There has been a hectic non-focused scramble to get the remaining things from my apartment to storage or to the dumpster these last few days.

When I started to really struggle with my lack of focus, I had Ms. BFS come over and help out. To be more accurate, I mentioned how stressed I was and she offered to spend time helping me. When our other friend Mandy also heard I was feeling stressed, she actually joined Ms. BFS and they spent an evening with me sorting, piling and packing. They really made this move a much much more pleasant experience.

On Saturday, I threw a small giving to move out party and let people take anything they wanted that I still had laying around. There were a few items I set aside for my artsy neighbor that I am going to drop off to her husband that were off limits and a few things I was still figuring out that I later just put by the dumpster but for the most part, I cleared out so much of my house that evening that I have a great foot hold for the next three days.

It really makes me think about how wonderful my friend group is. They have been there for me when I was down and moody for no reason. They have been there through my past break up for both me and the guy I was seeing at the time. (He’s a wonderful man but not for me) they have helped me find my feet and feel at home in Houston and have really helped an supported me through this move.

I hope everyone has friends that carry them through hard times and that they can help carry as well.

To my Houston ladies, you rock. (Their significant others do too)

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  1. Eric says:

    This is really cool….the “big leap” from apartment living to trailer living has arrived. Many of us have never been through such a downsizing challenge yet but eventually many of us will do this on a smaller scale to at some time. Maybe not to a trailer but to a smaller house or from house to apartment. In our case, if we move out of this house, it would be likely a major downsizing since we would be down from 5 to 2 in the living space. I’m expecting probably having to downsize to maybe 50% of what we have today if that happens.

    Will be interested to hear as you settle in how you feel about the change. What types of things will you be missing if anything? If you were giving advice to others, what would you have done differently? What have you found that you’ve kept that has become very important to you? What impacts does the smaller place have on how you live, how you interact in the world, how you see the future for yourself? All interesting things that I will be curious about.

    Enjoy the adventure!

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