First day living in my trailer

I moved in my trailer on Tuesday night. I loaded everything I thought I may want and prepped and loaded kitten stuff. Kittens in carrier, I left to move into my new lifestyle.

I love my trailer space. It feels like a calm place I can focus and think in. I feel little to no stress about the ability to keep things clean and have been running the ac so I haven’t even felt warm in the hot hot Houston days. That being said, my kittens are unhappy. They are not accustomed to smaller spaces, wood floors or not being able to go outside.

The first night my little black cat made sure to crawl under the couch and give me a scare. I was blocking the area because if anything happens back there then I can’t help her. My other cat crawled behind the cab it’s via a small gap in the bottom of the kitchen area. After much coaxing, both cats were out but only wanted to dive back into their hiding spots. I blocked off all entrances and settled down for bed hoping that they would eventually stop crying. Silly me. Tuesday night I swear that I didn’t get to sleep for more than an hour at once. Wednesday morning went very well. I tiredly stumbled around and managed to leave my trailer looking more than presentable and with a smoothie in hand. With very little sleep, I still managed to function semi well through the day. When I got back to the trailer, I opened the door and the cats seemed more comfortable. This time I got to sleep about 4.5 hours before Suzette (my little black and white one) began her high pitch crying.

I began my morning fishing Cassidy(the tan one) out of behind the couch and making coffee and smoothies. I actually did myself the favor of setting up the French press with grounds the night before so this morning so far is going smoothly. I turned off the ac because I wanted some quiet time with kittens before work. I have been rewarded with much less kitten crying.

Tonight, I will swing by my apartment (mine till the 22nd) and pick up the outdoor kitten walk paths and a container to keep them in. My cats are used to getting to see outside and play in a small tower so getting those things here maybe part of the key to keeping my cats nice and that we all can sleep at night.

Wish me luck!

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6 Responses to First day living in my trailer

  1. Kay says:

    Can you post a picture of what you use for an outdoor enclosure for your cats? I have a cat that loves the outdoors but we no longer have a balcony for him to go out onto so we need something to put on a patio to keep him off the grass.

  2. Eric says:

    So glad you’ve been able to move in and begin to see how this works for you! Wish you the best.

  3. Aunt G says:

    I love hearing about your new adventures. Hope the cats settle in soon and you can sleep through the night! Love you! – Aunt G

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