I spent quite a long time on my trailer getting things squared away today. I am worn out. Worn beyond worn but I am much more excited about living in the trailer now that I can actually visualize it. So, here is my trailer after pictures.

A car full of stuff for the trailer!

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit everything in nicely…


My make up

My bathroom didn’t change much. I tried to mount this cute makeup holder but the velcro wouldn’t stay connected to the wall. Until further notice, this is the make ups home.Reading nook 2This is my reading nook areaIMG_1257IMG_1258

I put up some art and cute stuff that I like the the couch area. This is going to be my reading nook so I wanted it to feel homey.

enough dishes and cups for 8Tea and fruit space.

Pots and pans ectTiny kitchensinks and a little bit of artFridge

This is my kitchen. It holds all the stuff that I remembered to pack. I forgot my blender but there is a small space for that in the cabinets. I put all my pyrex up in the fridge because that’s where it belongs. I figure that I will fill them with food as I need it and if I happen to have saved to many then I will add them to storage later. Also, there is not very much space for canned goods but.. I don’t use canned goods much so I am hoping that will work.

IMG_1261       There's a necklace hanger that I am using as a bra holder on the side   The baskets are for underwear and slips ect

This is my closet. I am going from a walk in closet to this.. I only hung my school clothing and a few other pieces of clothing that I was to look nice when I am socializing. I have no dresses in there. I am not in shape to wear the dresses I like at the moment so I’m not bothering putting them in the trailer. On top of the closet you can see two striped grey and white containers, those will hold my laundry. One will be for hot water washes and one for cold. I imagine the cold water wash will fill up much much faster. The baskets in the bottom of my closet are for my underwear and for my slips ect. My bras hang on a necklace thingie I bought from the container store. I actually like the way all of that played out.

Stuff like extra bedding

This is my over the bed storage. It has extra bedding and bags in it at the moment but I don’t think those will stay. (I have tons of space down below and that high space could be better used for the social clothing and towels that I have as of yet to put in the trailer. (Laundering right now)

Overall, I am much much happier with the space now. I will have to keep a few plastic totes under the trailer so that when I tow the trailer, I can pack up items that will rattle around.

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4 Responses to Unveiling!

  1. Aileen says:

    I can’t wait to see it. So proud of you for following your dream. :-)

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      You know, you won’t be able to see it until you drive out to it right? It won’t be here at the house. Sounds like I need to plan a viewing for family… cept the youngest of my siblings have seen it. Hummm.. We will talk soon and make a plan.

  2. Aunt G says:

    Have you moved your cats out to the trailer yet? How are they doing? I’m still blown away by all you have accomplished!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      They are still apartment living. They ar the last to move. I am still a bit concerned about them but They will have to adapt..

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