Still Fighting the Wants vs Needs Issue

I’m working on moving into the trailer at this point. I am at my parents house watching a sweet sweet dog and moving items into the trailer. I am trying to make any smelly, messy, tool needing changes while I am here. I ran the water and learned how to dump the tanks here. When I hit the road, I will even be bleaching the tanks to sanitize them. Youtube is such a huge help. So are forums but when I hope on the forums, I get lost in all the cool articles other people are posting. In doing this, I have found a few things on my trailer that need a bit more attention.

A list of what I am tackling

  • Wash trailer
  • Grease all moving parts with grease or proper lube
  • Check sewer hose
  • Figure out sever hook up
  • clean all sinks/toilet/ shower 
  • order foot for back corner of trailer (stabilizing base)
  • order foot (with wheel?) for tow hitch part of trailer
  • Figure out what I want to do about wallpaper in trailer.. 
  • order speakers for outside of trailer
  • remove decals off trailer
  • decide and order new decals
  • wash all linens
  • load all linens
  • rewash entire kitchen that is coming with
  • Load kitchen
  • figure out storage compartment issues
  • load “fun stuff”
  • Wash all clothing
  • Hang and load

Not everything came down in my first trip though. My lil geo just wasn’t big enough to carry many of my items down. I am traveling back up later to pick up the rest and will have it all ready by Sunday.

The real problem I am still having though is clothing. I don’t like clothing that much but I know I need at least two sets of clothing. I have to wear my school clothing primarily for school because I am rather hard on clothing and I want them to last. I them must also keep my social/ just hanging about wardrobe separate but it still must fit. I would like to have two weeks worth of social clothing/hanging out clothing but I am beginning to think that if I don’t want to stuff the trailer (which I am trying to avoid), then I need to whittle down my clothing a bit. Grrr.. I had it smaller but then I cleaned the rest of the house and clothing that was sitting around or newly discovered got added to the boxes. Bad move.

On top of that, I had the delusion that I was going to keep all my bras… or maybe I just didn’t actually realize how many I still had? I don’t really know what I was thinking but all washed and dried I have 19 bras and 3 sports bras. I will keep all the sports bras but I only planned space in my trailer for ten bras. I will be having a bra trying on later where I check the feel and all. If they are nice but a bit to small then they can go in the small box otherwise some of my ladies are gonna have to hit the trash. I also and going to be packing away some of my shapers. Many were bought when I was a bit lighter and wearing them currently is not doing them or me any favors. Next paycheck I will spend the money and buy two very nice shapers for school that can accommodate my current size so that my smaller shapers stay nice.

For now, I am playing with different ways to load/organize clothing in a way that makes sense and is easy to use. Easy is key. I also have to give up on trailer decals for now. Those are just so expensive and I would prefer to get something cute/interesting so it’s going to be a bit before I spend that money.

When it’s all put together I’ll share some pictures! I’ve been told those are more fun to see anywho. Also, I won’t do the slideshow again. Holy moly that takes a bit to load.


Keep aiming towards your dreams!

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2 Responses to Still Fighting the Wants vs Needs Issue

  1. Aunt G says:

    I love reading your posts. Keep up the good work. Maybe it will inspire me to “clean out” some of my crap..:)

    Love you!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Well… I will be very honest here… Cleaning out just the tip of the ice berg made me feel terrible. I just wanted to stop… It was like biking a huge hill. I didn’t start to feel better till most of my stuff was sorted and ready to get out.

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