Trailer Trial Run

So in all this prep to move into the trailer, I have let this blog slide. The update on my progress is simply that I am working through my stuff in the apartment and that I took my trailer out this weekend stocked with most of the items that would be placed in it.

My guy and I went to visit Lake Livingston state park. More on the park soon (with pictures).

We were supposed to leave around 4 pm but didn’t actually head out till after 7 pm. So many errand that we hadn’t done and had to finish before going anywhere.

So a bit after 9 we rolled into the campgrounds and proceeded trying to back the trailer up.  Holy Moly that is hard. After 30 very testing mins a neighbor came over to help and put the trailer in it’s spot. How embarrassing. Then we proceeded to put out the slide and figure out how to turn on the air, fridge and off the outside lights.

Unpacking left many things to be desired. First, packing could have been done a bit better. I need to figure that out.

It only took 15-20 mins to cool down the trailer. It took much much longer for the fridge to chill. (overnight and then some) Once all was set up we went to bed. I have problems sleeping in new spaces and even with the wonderful new mattress. (It was indeed wonderful).  The next morning, a bit to early since we went to sleep late, there was a knock on the door. The park ranger informed us that there needed to be a trek to the front so we could finish registering our camp site. We agreed and said we would shortly and went back to dozing… then not 5 mins later another series of knocks. There was a low hanging dead branch that another ranger wanted to pull down to protect the trailer. We got up, moved the trailer a bit, let them pull down the branch, put the trailer back and began the hike down to the ranger station to check in .

After a nice morning hike I went to go start breakfast and couldn’t get the stove to light. The clicker/lighter mechanism is not working. With only a smoothie and sadly empty stomachs we ventured into town to the cutest country store. We bought all the things I forgot and went to lunch since we were starving and near food places. Bodacious BBQ is a very nice little BBQ shop that we were well fed at.

After that, we went back and tried to figure out the awning. What a mess. I will never be able to do that one my own. You have to click some hooks back and then pull on a lever and slide some stuff then reach high up to bring the awning down. I am just a bit short for reaching the awning when it is rolled.

The only other issue we had was trying to roll up the awning. The spring is so hard to pull down on that I couldn’t get the awning up. I am going to try some lubricant to see if that helps.

For use, I loved using the trailer. I enjoyed the space and felt compelled to put up things if they were at all out of sorts. I cooked many meals and didn’t feel overly crowded. I can see living there as long as I am living by myself.

After this very present trip, I am now only worried about getting the cats comfortable in the trailer and making sure I have my apartment all moved and ready.  On that note, I am off to take care of chores and pack more stuff.

Remember to ask yourself what makes you happy in life.

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8 Responses to Trailer Trial Run

  1. Crystal says:

    Sounds like a good test trip! I have some WD40 you can use on your awning – just remind me to hand it to you when you are over today. 🙂

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Thanks! I actually have to use a silicone grease on it though. I do have a can of wd40 that we used on all the other metal moving bits:). As they say if it moves and it shouldn’t duck tape, if if should move and it doesn’t, WD-40″

  2. kay says:

    Don’t be too embarrassed about the backing in the trailer fiasco. It happens to everyone, including my boyfriend who last time we went camping was about to give up until I pushed him to try one more time. We sometimes have a hard time lighting the stove top and what we found is we turn on all three burners and then turn the knobs until one of them ignites. It almost seems like there isn’t enough gas at first or something. Also, we plug in our fridge using the electricity from our house the night before we go camping so its cold in time. We have a fully electric awning so I can’t offer any advice there. How do you like the shower? That’s probably my biggest complaint, the tiny bathroom. lol

  3. Aunt G says:

    That is so cool. Congrats on how far you’ve come in reaching your goals!!!!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Thank you! Next time you’re in town, you are more than welcome to pay a visit. I’m right near the air port actually

  4. Eric says:

    A successful first outing! And upon bringing the trailer back home, another success – backing it up a ridiculously long, not straight driveway and thru a very narrow gate to park it while waiting for the “big move”! We are happy for you.

  5. The DC says:

    Yeah,backing takes practice,LOL! I drove long haul trucks for just over 13 years (2 years of which was pulling shipping containers in/out of ports along the east coast,including many-a-20’er),so backing was second nature for me,but the Wife says “I’ll never master this!” every time she backs (she does better than she gives herself credit for),LOL 😛

    What we do the night before leaving on a camp-trip is to (drive over to my Dad’s,or call and have him do it,he has a spare key since it’s parked on his property 😉 ) set the fridge to propane setting (not electric) and let it get a jump-start on cooling as much as 6-8 hours before we leave (in the future,like next Spring,I’m considering seriously upgrading the electrical system to a dual Optima Yellow Top batery setup just for this and boondocking off grid,I’ll be doing a similar mod to my Jeep next year as well for Jeep-camp trips off grid. A bit pricey,but in propane refills-saved,it will pay for itself in the long run,methinks 🙂 ).

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I hear propane ends up being cheaper than electricity anyway… I have several neighbors in my park using propane with their fridges.. Do you know if this is true for you?

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