Trailer Additions

I feel like I am spending like crazy. I put it in the budget and all but still. It is hard to want to spend on improvements to my trailer. In the last few days I have purchased several things to make my life a bit easier/cleaner in the trailer.

I have purchased two folding fans from Vornado that attach beneath cabinets. I plan to mount them above the bed so the constant air in my face will help me stay cool while I am sleeping as well as provide air noise.

I bought a new mattress because I read a bit about mattresses and to be honest I got grossed out about sleeping in other peoples dead skin and sweat. Anyway… I bought a new mattress. (It’s my first new mattress by the way.)

I bought silicone style cutting boards that are a collection that fit inside a wooden board..

These are two scrubbing pads for the kitchen sink. They are not supposed to smell.. like ever. They are made from a plastic fiber and got great reviews from The Boat Gallery. (That site is a wonderful reference for any small kitchen user)

There was a skillet that is the same small size as the oven stoves. That will give me one pot and two pans that will work for my trailer.

A Stove top cover that folds back to uncover some burners a few at a time so that you can have extra space when you aren’t cooking. So prep then cook is the plan.

A small folding table that is similar to the original one that would have been with the trailer that is much much cheaper. It is 20 inches by 48 inches and folds down to 1.5 inches thick.

I did all of this last night and somehow I just completely missed some important items on the list. Important things..

Like I need some new locks. The old ones are stiff and the keys are all bent up. I was looking into locks and found that most trailers keys are a very common key.. like my key can unlock other trailers. I don’t like that. I want my trailer lock to be a bit harder to open. I plan to key all the locks to the same key if I can. I am going to see if today I can find that.

I forgot my pan too. I have to get a smaller pan for my oven because regular sized cookie sheets don’t fit in trailers. I think at least there I know which one I want.

Oh and a foot for my stabilizer thingie.. It just helps keep everything in place.

So there has to be some shopping today… again

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5 Responses to Trailer Additions

  1. Kay says:

    I was under the impression when I bought my trailer that one lock was a master lock that the dealership had a master key to and the other lock only my individual key worked for. I’m gonna have to ask them again I guess.
    Also doesn’t it suck that short queen stuff costs way more than a regular queen? We ended up buying a short queen pillow topper because the mattress that came with our new trailer was awful. Hopefully the one you bought is more comfy that mine!

  2. Kay says:

    Hopefully your new mattress is way more comfortable than the one that came in my new trailer. We ended up buying a short queen pillow topper to help. It’s sad how much of a price difference there is between short queen and regular queen stuff. I was too cheap to buy short queen sheets so we just use regular ones and fold the extra material under the mattress.

  3. The DC says:

    Yes,most definitely upgrade your locks,that’s the first thing we did (before towing our Jayco home,actually…well,actually,we can’t park it here where we own a mobile home an drent the lot,but I digress,LOL,before towing it to my parent’s home 😛 ) was to upgrade the locks 🙂

    Some very neat items on your list there…we actually had a new memory foam mattress-topper that my folks had bought and decided not to use (they do that lots,BTW),but it was King sized (our home bed is a Queen size),we cut it to fit our Jayco’s full size (our bed),and had enough left for one of the tiny buk beds of the kid’s (so we bought a much smaller one and cut to fit for the other so no one was left lacking).

    Loving those foldup fans,saved it to “Wish List” to byu a couple next payday/month 😀

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I like the fans but they are not near as powerful as the internet made them out to be.. I had to set more realistic expectations. I do how ever love love love the blue washcloths. I somehow lost one recently… I have no idea how.. but I am going to order a new one if it doesn’t show up soon. They are my favorite “extra” so far

      • The DC says:

        Good to know on the fans (and blue is a favored color around our household,so we’d dig those clothes too 🙂 )…we’re thinking primarily for fan noise,as we’re all fan-sleepers here,so may fit our bill just fine 🙂

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