Jogging to work

You may think I’m crazy but I’m thinking about jogging to work. I can get there in 30 mins walking or may 20 jogging. (Yes I’m a slow jogger) I am pretty sure the path is a safe on and on bad days I will still have my car.

The benefits include an “easy” way to include a work out daily. Saving on gas/massive wear and tear on my car, a feeling of power in the am that can help pump me through the day.

The penalties are me having to figure out a bathing solution so I don’t stink at school, possibly being worn out before the day begins, dangers of jogging near busy roads, Texas weather.

My back up plan for days with surprise bad weather that rolls on when I’m at school is simply to hitch a ride. My guy works near to my work place as does one of my closest friends. My fellow teachers are friendly and would likely help out.

It sounds like this may be a way to incooperate health into my daily lifestyle.. And if not, I will have my car. (Or maybe a scooter/moped thing).

Any thoughts?

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2 Responses to Jogging to work

  1. Crystal says:

    I think it’s smart and could be fun. 🙂 And yes, I’m always available for quick rides in exchange for food. 😉

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