Tiny Living Means Tiny Closet

I have always had a bunch of clothing. I right now am sitting surrounded by piles of clothing and it’s holding me back. I am lost trying to figure out what to keep and what to get rid of. I mean.. how do you know how many bras, panties, shirts and skirts one girl really need?

Enter the internet! General consensus is you need 3-5 bras not including sports bras if you work out and 14-18 pairs of underwear depending on if you need specialty garments for clothing (like thongs ect)

After thinking about it, I kept 14 pairs of underware and 9 bras. (4 sports bras). Then I searched for wardrobe help. Minimalism wardrobes don’t seem to consider the Texas heat/ casual wardrobe as well as the professional wardrobe that I need. I found this website for insparation and am intending to create two wardrobe sets. One for casual/summer time and one for professional/work days. Photographing of these wardrobes may or may not happen… It depends on if I get on a role with cleaning.. then I kinda loose track of things and keep going without photos.

One suitcase Wardrobes on Outfit Posts.

So…. counting basics and “splashes of color” clothing and getting started.

Also tossing any clothing with holes (my mom would be so proud of me!).

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