I Found My New Parking Space!

I found my new home! I went out with Crystal from Budgetingthefunstuff and hunted for my RV park. I have been stressing about where I am going to park my trailer and actually live. I have been living in nice apartments with pools and all the amenities for a while so I wasn’t really ready to give up everything yet.

Turns out, I don’t have to. I am going to move into Northlake RV Resort! This place has the two amenities that I use the most (a pool and and exercise area) as well as so much more! This is the list of just the things I think I am actually going to use.

  • Free Wifi
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Rocking Chairs
  • Nice BBQ are
  • Pool Table
  • Clean restrooms
  • Clean showers
  • Laundry facilities

I was stunned with the price. My company that I live in now just boosted up the price of my 750 sq foot apartment to $925. I would be moving either way. That is just so much more than I think is reasonable, especially when they haven’t been able to keep our gated complex actually gated. (Gates been broken about half the time I’ve lived here.) My new living area at Northlake will cost me $540 a month.

“Oh Dee, that’s like (855-540=315) $315 dollars a month! That’s pretty good!” But wait my little head voice.. I will also get free wifi ($60) and will have a cheaper electric bill (100-40=60). That will bring my total up to $435. My trailer ran around $9500.. so in 21 months it would have saved the whole cost of the trailer. Not to mention, Northlake is giving me my second month free! That’s right, Free!

If things go as planned, I will actually get to move into a smaller spot that will cost $475 a month. They just didn’t have one open for me at this moment. That should knock me down to 20 months. Now.. that being said, if I don’t stay in my trailer after this year, I will sell it.

Now if I were really trying to lower my living costs, I would have moved into a different park that was cheaper. There was a place with spots for 270ish. Those spots didn’t include anything but water and electric hookups and the price didn’t include the cost of water or electric or wifi. I am not sure how much that would run me but since I am not ready to live that way, I am not going to concern myself with crunching those numbers.

The other huge benefit was the location. I will be 5 mins from my work place and 15 mins from some very close to friends. I am moving far away from where my guy lives but closer to where he works so that’s not that bad. The place is only child tolerant instead of overly child friendly so I am hoping that none of my students end up in my lot but if they do *shrug* then they do.

And now for pictures we took!

20140624_125738 1 2 3 5 6 7

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4 Responses to I Found My New Parking Space!

  1. Eric says:

    Wow – wasn’t aware they made such nice RV living locations. That’s really quite amazing and looks like it could be very enjoyable.

    May be worth visiting for a couple hours one day to get a feel for how many airplanes fly over and if they are low enough to make much noise disturbance in the park. From map, it looks to be far enough away.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      It’s actually so close to my school that I work at that I have a basic idea of the airplane noise level. It isn’t horrendous. They go by kinda frequently and sound like a loud rumble. If I didn’t sleep with a fan right in my face it might wake me up but… I am planning for two mounted fans to be blasting at me all night long. =)

  2. Frances Law says:


    When Al and I were married, and he came back from Korea, we bought a trailer to live in in San Antonio. It had a cedar closet above the double bed in the center of the trailer…it had twin beds in the back bedroom, with a tiny bathroom between. The kitchen was very compact, and the living room was also the dining room…it was 27 feet long. When Al got out of the service, we had it hauled to Madison, Wisconsin, where he had taken a job; the only trailer park there was CRUMMY! But a new park opened up in about a year, and we lived there for several years until the second baby came and we needed to buy a house. The thing I noticed about houses was that the storage was nowhere near as great as that in the trailer! We also had an RV for a number of years after our kids were all grown and out of the house, and it, too, had excellent storage.
    Now we have downsized to retirement living, but we still accumulate books and papers; every so often we have to go through and decide what books we can part with and take to Barnes and Noble to sell. Paper not so much!
    Your blog takes me back to those days…
    Lots of love, Great- Aunt Frances, John’s sister

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I have thought a lot about that use of space in trailers vs houses. It is strange to me that we don’t see houses with as much functional storage as we see in trailers. I guess when you have the luxury of all that extra space you are ok with using it less efficiently.

      27 foot trailer…. I keep thinking if I bought a larger trailer, would rainy days be nicer? I am not sure. I am sure my kittens would be happier with some more inside space.

      What were the differences between trailer and rv living? Did you like one more than the other?

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