Laudry Mat Edition: The First Thing I Regret Losing

I donated my Letterman Jacket.. the jacket you can earn in high school for doing certain activities. Mine had my flag core patches on it and band patches and my name on the back.

I didn’t think I would care that I donated it. I didn’t take pictures.. or pause. I assured my mom that the jacket was just taking up space and was not necessary. I may have been wrong.

My mother mentioned our generation being a generation without history. We put all our history on the internet in fashions that allow it to briefly stand in peoples memory and then fade completely away. When I was younger, we would dig through my mothers boxes in the attic and oo and awwe about what we found. It was an amazing exploration. My kids may not have that. They won’t have toys or jackets or books to flip through. They won’t have many pictures because I don’t take many pictures. I refused for years to pose for pictures because I was self conscious. The ones I did take have been cut up or assembled into scrap books for other people. I will have nothing to show the new people that enter my life other than what I have become.

I feel like I need to more carefully approach this simplifying. I may not have needed to save the letterman jacket but perhaps I needed to take a picture of important items as a form of documentation. Then I can make a memories book. One book of my past for my kids to flip through with simple little momentos that could fit in a jewelry box. I like that idea. A treasure box of my past and one book of pictures.

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  1. Kay says:

    I gave my letterman jacket to my little sister so my mom didn’t have to buy a new one. I kept all my medals I earned though. My parents kept a save me tote of a bunch of stuff I had as a kid. It’s great looking though all my old stuff. Sometimes I also regret not keeping more but when you (meaning me) move every year you (me) get sick or hauling it around.

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