Mayday Update

Sooo hard to get rid of items in the fashion of the May day cleaning! (1st of May get rid of one item, 2nd get rid of 2, and so on) I went out of town for the weekend and came back to play catch up. I have been shooting for the total end number of 496 items. I would really prefer to hit that number in May as well.

Benefit of this style of getting rid of items is I am enjoying trying to get rid of items in themed groups.. Like bathroom decor or make up or clothing.. The problem is that I just have to have the time to actually go through those items. When I got in Sunday evening, I pulled out all of my clothing that is in boxes. I easily found 20 more items to toss/sell/donate and struggled to find the last ten. With my weight going back up, I am trying to make sure I hold on to a few of each size item so I have clothing to last when I get my waist line turned back down again.

In late June this will be easier.. In late June, I will turn from my full time teaching job to a full time cleaner. I will spend 8+ hours a day going through items. When that change happens, I should see quicker results. That being said, I will try to take a photo of my get rid of pile to show you where I am at as of this weekend.

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