Mayday May day!

Mayday May Day! I am excited to share with you my new plans!

I am taking on a facebook challenge where you get rid of items according the the date of may.. I am not sure how to word that. One the first of May, I will dispose of one item. One the second of May, 2 items ect. In the end, I will have disposed of over 400 items if I can keep it up through May. My secret main goal is just to achieve that loss of items during May. I may not be able to do the right amount each day but in total, I should be able to achieve that number during May.

So far

May 1st- A book that I didn’t want..

May 2nd- Two bras that don’t fit well


Do you think you have 400 items to get rid of around your house?

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4 Responses to Mayday May day!

  1. Eric says:

    Wow – that’s a challenge! I am sure that I have that many items that I could get rid of. But to be so methodical and be able to pick them daily and get rid of them by end of month….that would be really, really challenging to me. Good luck!

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I have some tricks. I do a couple of days ahead when I know life is going to be busy. That has already saved me once. Even if I miss a day though, I will donate/ditch stuff late so I still hit my end goals. =)

  2. Kay says:

    What a cool idea. Between clothes I don’t wear and my collection of books I could easily give away 400 items! lol Its amazing how fast a person can collect a lot of stuff. I’ve only been in my house a year now and its already full in most rooms.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I am worried that if I ever actually move into a house, I am a bit terrified that I will box all the rooms in over time. I am one of those people who doesn’t think enough when they buy cheap stuff. That is one of the huuge benefits of losing space (or so I hope).

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