Tired of using the Laundry Matt

I am tired of having to use laundry matts. I would like to have my own washer. I don’t mind air drying most of my clothing but it would be nice just to be able to actually wash most of it without having to leave my house. I was thinking along that lines when I went looking at camper world today.. I found some solutions to my frustration.

There is an electric washer that seems to be quite effortless


If I want to go the cheaper route.. there is this manual version that seems also to be effective but will require more work. It also seems to work much faster though.


Price for the electric one seems to run about $80 and for the hand cranked one $30. I am going to visit the trailer today with a measuring tape and see if I can accommodate one of these before I make that purchase. I believe that I will do that outside and drain right into all the plants that need some watering.

So, the question is.. am I more likely to use the electric or the manual AND can the trailer accommodate either. Tape measurements and camera to the rescue. =)

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  1. Kas says:

    I owned the electic one when I lived in an apartment with no washer in the unit. I basically ended up using it to only wash bras and any shirts that needed to be hand washed because it wasn’t worth it for my other clothes. The motor isn’t very strong so if you put too many clothes in it, the agitator won’t spin. The other problem is the clothes come out sopping wet because there is no spin cycle. And lastly I always found myself hand rinsing the clothes after they came out of the electric washer to get the rest of the soap out. Personally it wasn’t worth all the time and effort to use this rather than just drag all my clothes down flights of stairs to the community laundry.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      What model did you use? Did you rinse out in the machine or outside? Have you tried a spinner to help dry? (You have had experience.. I must leech your expertise) (=

      I’ve heard you need to rinse out at least once and can do that by draining and refilling the agitator area. I know I will choose to do this twice or more because I hate the feeling of detergent in my clothing. That being said, I use a laundry mat at the moment and it never seems to actually get all the detergent out of my clothing. I am starting to think about all the drying though. I hang most my clothing but a model that has the spin dryer on one side may help me not drip everywhere. The price jump to the cheaper panda washer with spinner is 199 though. Even with youtube reviews that’s a bit of money. I’d need to use it ten weeks to make up for the money I spend at the mat.

      • Kas says:

        I had the model in the first YouTube video you posted so no spinner. I found the who thing was just too much of a hassle. A lot of time spent filling/draining/wringing/hanging a few clothes at a time. The video is accurate thou and it’s what I would do except after the rinse cycle I would pull the clothes out and rinse them again in my sink. Then I would wring them out and try to limit how much water I dripped on my way to my bathroom where I would then hang them on a drying rack I put in my bathtub. The clothes would be so wet they take FOREVER to dry (maybe I needed to wring them out more but I never wanted to ruin my clothes by wringing them too hard). My suggestion is if you do buy something get a spinner as well or better yet save up and get an RV sized washer. Also if your having trouble with a regular washing machine not getting all the soap out have you tried using less soap? That helps me out.

        • Some Art Teacher says:

          I have now switched to using much less soap and that has been helping.

          I am sad to hear it is such a pain. I can’t fit an RV sized washer in my trailer. I did peek at some but there really is just no space. I may just continue to use the laundry mat and friends houses.

          Thank you so much for your perspective and experience.

  2. Eric says:

    Just curious – if you had to wash your normal 1 or 2 weeks worth of clothes, any idea of how much time it would take using a machine such as this?

    First impression is that one would likely choose to do a lot less laundry if this is the option to wash. Just a thought.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      I think this means I do laundry every other day. I would basically come home, spin them around a few times, dump out the water and rinse them out. It almost seems to make more sense to just wash in the shower though.

      I would still have to go do sheets and towels at friends houses..

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