Red moon red moon and cleaning out my make up!

This last week I spent some some cleaning out my make up. Man, I’m not sure how that shit got so out of hand but..




That is way to much. I got rid of most of my make up and made a few decisions. I am going to spend more money on base so I can make sure I match my actual skin and don’t have to play mix and match with tons of different products.

I also limited my lipsticks. There is only so many shades that a girl needs. The other thing is that most those lipsticks just wipe off my face within the first hour or so I’m wearing them. That drives me nuts. I kept the staines with the lip-ink brand. Those are great and last at least half the day.

Then, I was to worn out to cull through the eye make up. I figured if I don’t use it in the next two weeks, I can easily toss it out without any regrets.

These next two/three weeks are the busiest for my teaching year. I have our mandated state tests which mean long days of training and stripping everything off my walls and desk. We have to make sure that students have a pristine work environment.. Whitewashed of any proof that we believe in their potential. Then, we have to rehang everything to show our kids the school year isn’t over and get our teacher grade on how pretty/ functional our room is. I do actually enjoy the very last thing we have to do. We get to make a teacher scrap book. The goal is to prove we are doing our job and growing as individuals but I love how well it catches the flavor of the year, it’s ups and downs and our focuses. I use that binder to decide how my year went and I also keep them on my shelves to create resumes from if I feel the need to.

My happiest part of my next two weeks though is our huuuuge art contest my kids get to be involved in. They are graded on their actual work and not to every other kid in their grade level.

Happy times ahead!

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