Ebaying My Stuff Away

I spent this week starting to go through clothing and learning how to use Ebay.com. I figured I would list clothing for one week and then if it doesn’t sell, take it to goodwill. I am going to try first with clothing and then start moving into items. Seeing as this is the first time I’ve used Ebay to sell stuff (I’m usually buying), I am having to face a huge learning curve. I priced all of my items to high for this round I’m afraid. I am going to make the correction Sunday evening after their auctions close. I have to remember, this is not meant to be a money maker really. This is meant to be a more fun way to get rid of my items. The only reason it makes sense at all to list them first is that if I make a dollar for each item I am trying to get rid of… well, that would be quite a bit of money. Most of my items probably won’t actually sell. That is why goodwill and other donation places are my backup.

Here is a link to my first item listed… note, the price is way to high considering shipping


I would like to see the apartment mostly clear by the end of June. I want to pay double rent for my trailer in July and have time to have a trailer warming bbq, a girls sleep over and a good apartment cleaning time before I move the cats in permanently. What that means if for July at least, I would like to put the trailer near to my apartment. I am still a bit worried about the cats hating trailer life but I figure if I can handle it for the year, they can handle it. I am also hoping to get Suzette a lion hair cut again so that she won’t be so hot.

I do still intend to keep a small storage space of stuff. That small space will hold my favorite furniture and might even hold my keep it box that has important childhood items. If I decide that I don’t want/need those in a year, I will also sell/donate them but for now, that is how I am comforting myself. I keep telling myself that if it is something massively important, I can put it in storage. The one thing that won’t fit is my very nice wood bookshelf. I will be sad to see it go. I grew up with this bookshelf in my room and although it is disastrously heavy, it is such a nice solid build that I can’t imagine where I will find a replacement for it. As kids, we would climb all over it and as an adult, I have sat inside one of the higher level nooks and not been dropped. I have to remind myself that ikea will have something that fits any space and will hold books, even if it won’t hold the memories this shelf did.



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