Today’s lunch


This is a normal lunch/snack pack of food that I create daily. Inside I put:

A small salad
An apple
2 snack baggies of tiny carrots
A banana
2 eggs, boiled or baked
A small Baggie of nuts
Coffee, sometimes Gatorade
Something with protein

Bonuses for this week include pineapple, an actual sandwich ( breads on my no no list normally), strawberries and on wends instead of pineapple, cantaloupe.

I find that this usually fills me up (if I eat it all) and for dinner I may have a small bit of meat and/or a salad. Sometimes I am not hungry at all.

One thing you may notice though is that I don’t get enough veggies. It is something I am struggling with. When I used to eat dinners, I would always include a portion of broccoli, squash or spinach leaves. Eating mostly cold lunches takes both the broccoli and spinach out of the equation. Now, I am in search for a way to include veggies more (bit isn’t smoothies).

Ideas anyone?

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