Leaving my trailer made me cry…


My parents and grandfather came to help me move my trailer on Saturday.. I was so proud to show them my new home. I was so excited about getting to move in to the trailer and then I came home to this.. I teared up and my have cried a bit. On the weekend of the 12th my family gathered and I hurriedly cleaned my car out so I could give my younger brother a ride.. He’s 6’4 so I cleaned out everything in the floorboards so he could move his chair around. This would have been a good thing except I cleaned it out and proceeded to dump it in my living room. After seeing such a clean little trailer, I was depressed to see the mess in my living room get so bad again. Today, I am going to spend my Easter cleaning up this area. I hope to turn out a bag of things I am removing from my space. This is not going to include the boxes I am mailing to my two friends at www.atypicalveganfamily.com . Photo update this evening. Will I finish?

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  1. Eric says:

    Congratulations on the trailer! We had fun looking at it and helping move it to the holding area until you move in. I am still amazed that it is still functional with the expanding side still inside the trailer. I didn’t know trailers came (or could come) that way so something I will keep in mind if I ever go looking for a trailer for camping. It will be interesting to see how one used to apartment living will transition to a living area that size. Whatever happens, it will be a great adventure.

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Thank you so much for your support. I am looking forwards to showing it off once I have it all set up in June/July. Trailer warming walk through perhaps? I’m learning how do load and edit videos so I can show off my cool new set of wheels!

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