Dream Trailer as of right now..

I have so far found two trailers that are what I think I want. I have walked in one and it was small but didn’t feel claustrophobic.. and this other one is very similar with the added benefit of being a bit cheaper and having the white wood style I like so much.

So without further ado…

The 2010 Passport Express Superlight

and the

2009 FunFinder

These two trailers have the floor plan I would like to find in the long run and the one slide out adds a whole lot more breathing room. The only problem I have is that they are still a bit out of my price range. I will wait two weeks and see how I feel then I may drive over to see the Fun Finder. I will have to see if they can barter or bring down the dollar amount a bit.

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  1. I believe I like the 2009 Fun Finder better. Probably the 2′ of space but it seems roomier.

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