De Montrond and Lone Star Rv

A continuation of Mondays post..

Onward we went. We drove over to De Montrond and walked in. They were quick to acknowledge us and in no time we linked to Casey Cudd, a sales man who began asking for what we may want. I told him the size and price range I was thinking off, he paused, warned us that they may not have the perfect one but he would show us what they had if we were interested. I said sure and we were off. This time, we got to ride a go cart and our sales associate traveled with us. Casey chatted with us the whole way there and was full of niceness and fun observations about working with RVs. He lead us to a nice travel trailer that didn’t really flip my switch anymore than the others we had seen. After we came out, Crystal asked about the 5th wheel nearby and Casey showed that one to us more than willingly. He stepped out so I could photograph it and talk to crystal in private about it. When we were done, Casey showed us a few more but pointed out the water damage and said that he didn’t wouldn’t want to sell those to us. I agreed and we went back to the front office.

Get this, our wonderful sales rep didn’t stop there. Casey actually put me on a calling list for when an rv in my range comes in. He told me that there are about three others on that list that he calls and lets know when something that might fit their needs comes to the store. Wow… wonderful service. I kinda hope he gets in a trailer I love for a good price.

Then we went to Lone Star RV. the lights were out in the office but the door was open. We hear a voice that calls out.. “Can I help you?” I answer that I sure hope so and we wander back to a sales associate at the desk. He asks what I’m looking for and I tell him. He says are you planning to pay in cash and I say I am not sure I am ready to yet and here’s where he loses my business. He says “You have to be ready to buy to look at RVs.” My head falls sideways in surprise and before I can catch it an be more tactful an “of course you don’t” falls out of my mouth. He starts to talk down about how people are going to buy these before I could possibly get them yadda yadda and then says they are about to close. I say ok goodbye. I was just looking for the right time to slip out. Wow.. I don’t care if they offered my trailer at half price. I wouldn’t put money back into that shop. I actually didn’t link them because I didn’t want anyone to follow to their store and get drawn in by awesome RVs.

Crystal and I both kinda laughed about it when we got in the car and I realized what a bullet we dodged. I can’t imagine trying to look at trailers with a salesman of that kind of mentality. It would be constant pressure and not very fun.

I am going to link some pictures For Friday
if I can figure out how and show you what I found. Maybe even link to a video of Crystal talking about the trailer for me since I was feeling camera shy.

Also, If you read this Casey, keep me in mind for an awesome trailer! I would love to get you some sales commission of my purchase. You were great!

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5 Responses to De Montrond and Lone Star Rv

  1. Casey Cudd says:

    Wow thanks for the kind words!

  2. Crystal says:

    It’s Casey in the comments – how cool is that?! Casey, you just let us know if you can get that 5th Wheel down to $5000. 😉

    • Some Art Teacher says:

      Lol Crystal, even if he could, he probably shouldn’t post it here! People would expect him to drop all prices that much!

      • Casey Cudd says:

        I can get it down some 😉 Also have something else in mind -that just showed up…newer and better shape, little more $ but think you will love it. Give me a call at your convenience if you like!

  3. Aileen says:

    Am lovin’ hearing about your journey. And kudos’ to Casey! 🙂

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