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Tired of using the Laundry Matt

I am tired of having to use laundry matts. I would like to have my own washer. I don’t mind air drying most of my clothing but it would be nice just to be able to actually wash most of … Continue reading

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Ebaying My Stuff Away

I spent this week starting to go through clothing and learning how to use I figured I would list clothing for one week and then if it doesn’t sell, take it to goodwill. I am going to try first … Continue reading

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Red moon red moon and cleaning out my make up!

This last week I spent some some cleaning out my make up. Man, I’m not sure how that shit got so out of hand but.. That is way to much. I got rid of most of my make up and … Continue reading

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Today’s lunch

This is a normal lunch/snack pack of food that I create daily. Inside I put: A small salad An apple 2 snack baggies of tiny carrots A banana 2 eggs, boiled or baked A small Baggie of nuts Coffee, sometimes … Continue reading

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Update on living room

By no means is it actually clean, but it is tons better. I also am using ebay to sell off stuff from my apartment. I made an account and posted ten or so items. I still have many more but… … Continue reading

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Leaving my trailer made me cry…

My parents and grandfather came to help me move my trailer on Saturday.. I was so proud to show them my new home. I was so excited about getting to move in to the trailer and then I came home … Continue reading

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I bought the trailer!

Yep, I made the leap. I have purchased a trailer. She’s a 2008 Malibu and in very good condition. I paid just below market value so no great tales of massive savings yet. Instead, I have contentment of a very … Continue reading

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Dream Trailer as of right now..

I have so far found two trailers that are what I think I want. I have walked in one and it was small but didn’t feel claustrophobic.. and this other one is very similar with the added benefit of being … Continue reading

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De Montrond and Lone Star Rv

A continuation of Mondays post.. Onward we went. We drove over to De Montrond and walked in. They were quick to acknowledge us and in no time we linked to Casey Cudd, a sales man who began asking for what … Continue reading

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