The Monday Count and Trailer Shopping

This week I must first start with the Monday count. At my school, when teachers get frustrated, we start a Monday count. This is the countdown of how many Mondays we have till our next vacation/break. In the past, there was a very friendly Science teacher that wrote the number of Mondays on the teachers lounge dry erase board. Now that she moved on, I have taken up the task. Some teachers get really stressed seeing the Monday count so I actually tuck it away under one of the board decorations so it is out of sight. The Monday count this time leads to summer..

9 Mondays till summer. I was all excited as a wrote the new count on the board, thinking of getting back in the gym again and swimming for long hours and the breeze flowing through my apartment cooling and bring fresh air into my 750 sq foot space. Then, later on in the evening, it hit me. I have around 11-15 Mondays until I want to be in a trailer. As I look around my very full apartment, I was so stressed I couldn’t sleep. So, as is in my nature, I immediately made plans to go visit trailers Saturday. My guy had work and I was feeling a need for girl time so I asked Crystal from BFS to join me. She is a close friend and is great about making shopping fun and keeping on the original mission. Plus, she has been keeping up with me and my shopping/cleaning journey since I first tried to purge stuff out of my apartment.

(She saw the first massive push to ditch/donate/clean before my trailer journey even started)

We went three different places. PPL motor homes in West Houston, De Montrond Rv in Northwest Houston, and last, on a spur of the moment stop, Lone Star Rv. Each of those places had a very different way of handling shoppers..

Monday I will review PPL, Wednesday you will get to hear about De Montrond and Lone Star.


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