PPL Motorhomes

PPL sells used travel trailers, fifth wheels and RVs. The large selection they offer and the fact that they had one specific trailer is what drew me to going to them first on Saturday.

Ppl Motorhomes was a bit hard to find since my GPS tried to take us to the wrong side of the highway. They do have a mini map on their website and that is what saved us in the end. I remembered it was a bit further than we had traveled so far and Crystal was being patient.  We parked in their lot and walked in the main room. There was a u shaped desk with some greeters who had us sign in and asked what we were interested in. Then, they handed me a map, circled the number of the rv I though I wanted, handed a me a list of RVs that they had on the lot and pointed towards a hallway. In about 3 mins, we were left to wander around a lot of unlocked RVs. A huge massive lot of giant RVs, 5th wheels and travel trailers. We wandered through the lot to the back area all the way down to the tinier trailers. We stopped in one van so I could show her what they looked like. They are such tiny little spaces. Then we found a nice trailer in my space range and made our first stop of many. It was nice looking but had a super strange smell. Then we found the Sunline that I though was going to be the answer to my prayers. We walked in and I was shocked. I didn’t love in. In face, I didn’t even like it much. It smelled, the drawers were sticky and it still felt cramped. The killer was that there was a hole cut in the tile floor that showed some blackish coloring on the wood floor underneath. The floor was also bumped up there was well. I was even happier that I brought Crystal along with me. She and I began a 3 ish hour look around that involved clambering in and out of many many trailers. We made an effort to see everything in my size range and even a bit bigger to see if that would make a huge difference. I actually found one I liked. Reveal of this coming soon! This model has one slide out that created actual space in the center of the kitchen area, the dinette area was nice and I could put the cat boxes under the seats. There was even a spot where the kittens could see out of the window. You can see where my real concerns are with this lifestyle. ; ) this was most definitely an option. After seeing everything there was to see, we were both ready for a good meal and some air conditioning.

We took a break at A Mexican seafood restaurant called Mambo’s. It was reasonably priced and all sorts of yummy. There, we regrouped and gathered our thoughts and energy to set out again..

….. to be continued


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