I’m Alive

It’s true. I am no longer throwing up from gunk in my throat, I can breath in almost all the way and haven’t been running a fever lately. I still have some coughing fits and have an almost constant icky taste of metal (like batteries?) in my mouth. I think it may be due to the medicine I am taking. Still icky.

Being sick and stuck in my home so long made me really face some concerns. I get stir  crazy when stuck in my 750 foot apartment. I am very concerned about moving down in my square footage for days when I can’t leave the house. I mainly stayed in one chair, the bed, and the shower but felt like I was living in a box. I was so ready to get out of the house that I begged to join small excursions like the grocery or riding to the drug store, even if it was to just sit in the car. This culminated with me snuggling up with my guy as he played on his phone, burrowing my face behind his back and tearing up cause I was so tired of being in the house. Pathetic but true. He drove me around and we ran one errand before I was to tired to keep going. To me that is just a sign of how absolutely sick I was. (am?)

I am proud of myself for not buying all of the clothing in the world. When I am home alone i watch TV to force myself to rest. After I was bored of that, I tried reading but didn’t have any new books. I then give into looking at pintrest. I usually start at art lessons and then move to clothing. This time, I spent several hours looking at wedding dresses and cakes. I have a friend who is planning her marriage so her wedding was a focus of hours of my day. After that, I succumbed to looking at clothing. I want a nice wardrobe so badly but am not really sure how to go around making sure it will all fit and match and meet my needs (teaching, art mess stuff, going out). I usually give in after two days at home and order a few nice pieces of clothing that don’t fit and have to be returned. This time, I instead bid  on a travel trailer. I have already been out bid but it was really kinda fun. I liked thinking I might get a trailer early. Instead, I will get to watch it sell for as much as it is actually worth and wait till it’s the correct time.

Next week is Spring Break. I was going to take the week and go camping but.. seeing as I am still recovering and the doc said to take it easy, I am not going. I am sad to have to take the adult path there but.. eh .. I also want to keep breathing so I have to make some choices to support that. I am supposed to take it easy and I guess I can get rid of more stuff. I hope to at least get to walk through some trailers and look at some off brands. I keep thinking that there has to be an affordable off brand that will give me a year of happiness for a price much cheaper than the Coleman would. It couldn’t hurt to look as long as I stay bundled up and don’t push the level of energy I have. Once I can breath right again and have my energy back, I have to call back my geo mechanic and see if he has a weekend I can use his expertise. I have a few boxes of car parts waiting in my living room for installation. Maybe then, the weather will be pleasant enough to drive around with the top down.

Well, I am off for the evening. I am trying to make sure I can make it to school this ENTIRE week without a fever. Wish me luck =)

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  1. The DC says:

    New books are a dime a dozen (or,$0.99-3.99 as it were) if you have a Kindle (while I love holding an actual book,I also love my Paperwhite)-food for thought…space saving when downsizing food 😉

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